How ABiaS-CBN Is Creating A Culture Of Bias, Dysfunction And Hypocrisy In The Philippines!

As of late, I'll admit I am a SkyCable subscriber which is owned by ABiaS-CBN and no thanks to oligarchy, I cannot really get better cable networks. Come on, I have to pay for EXTRA CHANNELS? WTF! Oh yeah, it's all about the improper use of protectionism isn't it? I mean, I would want to watch some Japanese or Chinese programs but come on, letting me pay. It's already getting out of hand and Sky Broadband is a rip-off package, ask me and a couple of friends who got charged super high for CRAAAPP speed, again it's ABiaS-CBN property. ABiaS-CBN has always been about biases, dysfunction and hypocrisy.

I remembered as a child, I would be watching ABiaS-CBN because I remembered how it aired Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Conan The Adventurer, X-Men, Batman The Animated Series, Koseidon, Ultraman but these days, what happened? I would have grown up during the years of the late Corazon Aquino, Fidel V. Ramos, Sherap Estrada and later, I would be entering my adult years from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and now, President Nobita Aquino. Now I can discuss some things about ABiaS-CBN and how it's creating a culture of dysfunction and hypocrisy especially today, it's siding with the idiot, President Nobita (strangely GMA-7 is the one airing Doraemon, not ABiaS-CBN). I can talk about everything FROM MY CHILDHOOD.

I have observed more often than not that ABiaS-CBN has always been, all about creating its Pinoy Pride agenda while they hypocritically lean on the Tsinoy oligarchs like the Aquinos and Cojuangcos and two, it seems to be they will show foreign shows (especially American ones, they tend to lean more on American shows than anything to improve ratings or as of late, Korean shows) only if they want ratings. What practically annoyed me as a child and even when I have grown up is how Failipino Pride is so upheld. Again, do I need to keep pointing out that becoming a Failipino is a choice? I hate to do it but some of my readers just don't get the point or purposely don't finish reading the posts, whatever it's an issue that a lot of Filipinos have on social networks- they never bother to understand the posts and criticize without proper analysis. A good criticism is always based on proper analysis, they just criticize without giving a proper analysis.

ABiaS-CBN itself is a show full of personal biases and for biased people. Do you remember what Ai-Ai Delas Malas and Krisis Aquino did to Gerphil Flores on Pilipinas Got No Talent? I support Gerphil Flores' decision to show those two hags what she's made of at Asia's Got Talent, she really got the praise she deserved and she went to GMA-7 to do her number. She was severely criticized by two judges who KNOW NOTHING but their stupid biases. The biases of ABiaS-CBN can be shown like why do they keep airing American shows too much? I have nothing much against American shows, the problem is that they are so, SO having their tendency to think of Murican Superiority Mentality while contradicting themselves with the "Sariling Atin Only" mentality more often than not. ABiaS-CBN has always been about an ocean of biases.

What I have noticed is how ABiaS-CBN's news has always been about SENSATIONALISM. Just think a meteor arrives, they will post something like, "END OF THE WORLD!" or if you think about another one, they tend to exaggerate like the so-called flesh eating disease just because some stupid wacko says he knows the future and PREDICTS NOTHING. My favorite part of ABiaS-CBN's sensationalism that I love to PICK ON is Noli De Castro's aswang sensationalism. More than once, he keeps making up aswang stories just for the ratings. In due fairness, GMA-7's news coverage has been far more credible than them. However the problem is that there are more stupid Pinoys than smart ones huh? Problem is, stupid Pinoys always look down at smart Pinoys... and when the smart Pinoys make it big, it's time to hypocritically ride the bandwagon and shout "PINOY PRIDE".

The news would also glorify the Victim Card mentality. I remembered back in 1995 and even if it's been freaking TWENTY YEARS, I cannot forget how ABiaS-CBN's coverage of the late Flor Contemplacion made it look like she was an innocent victim even when she was truly guilty. Star Cinema of ABiaS-CBN would later release that WTF screwed up film called the Flor Contemplacion story which made her a martyr and heroine when facts need be raised, she was indeed guilty of what she was charged of. Years later, the same treatment was given to the three drug mules who were executed on March 30, 2011. Fortunately, the three drug mules were quietly laid to rest by their families and no national burial was made for them. But I still cannot deny how ABiaS-CBN still continues to defend our guilty countrymen than condemn them for their actions.

Telebasuras are well... telebasuras and it's one of ABiaS-CBN's favorite weapons of mass distraction. What is annoying is that Failipinos tell me something like, "Oh here comes that Chinese guy again? Hey Mongoloid, you like watching Meteor Garden and Twin Sisters? GO BACK TO CHINA! We will be watching Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin to show our patriotism." while they hypocritically watch their favorite telebasura on an imported TV set, CONTRADICTORY ISN'T IT?! Wow, I've even seen them watch their shitty telebasuras on a Sony TV set which makes it WTF with their ultranationalism. Ultranationalism is nothing more than a contradiction one way or another. Besides, if they were listening to any Filipino song (no, not just the OPM genre), don't tell me their music players weren't imported from some other country? Even if some products are assembled in the Philippines, they were from a foreign source. Also, don't tell me that ABiaS-CBN isn't using any imported equipment while they are filming all their telebasura garbage which promote victim card mentality, glorifying poverty, all the nonsense, etc. just so the oligarchs can continue to keep themselves in high seats of power.

If you watch through ABiaS-CBN news or its extension ABiaS-CBN News Network... it's always saying, "We are from the sick man of Asia to Asia's next miracle thanks to President Nobita!" then sad to say, ABiaS-CBN is indeed really giving half-truths and blocking everyone from the reality that this country really has No Direction. Do you know how con artists do the best job? A lie is easily discerned but a half-truth is worse than common lie because it leaves people in a deeper state of confusion than usual. They say, "Philippine economy is improving." that while they show the truth of the Gross Domestic Product increase based on external sources, however GDP is NOT ENOUGH to prove that the Philippines has a bright future. Do you know that Gross Domestic Product is just gross? Gross profits are not yet the final profits, you still need to subtract them from your expenses ti determine whether or not you hit the gold or not. Even if the country has high GDP but too much spending won't give you any profits and two, how was the money allocated? It's just like a lot of OFW families - high earnings but negative savings due to very high spending.

If PNoy Pride is not enough, I should mention the problem of the lack of separation of Kris and State. More often than not, Kris Aquino's life events are really weapons of mass distraction. Oh boy, how important is it to everyone like her fight with her former lover Joey Marquez, her messed up marriage with James Yap, events concerning Bimby, etc.? What about justice for those Kentex workers who turn out to be underpaid and oppressed and had nowhere to run, no thanks to the stupid practice of economic overprotectionism? What's more annoying is that Kristards say, "You are just jealous of her." Wow, logic has really been defeated hasn't it no thanks to ABiaS-CBN!