Has China Really Become The Current National Scapegoat Country Of the Philippines?

When I think of the ErgoCha Milk Tea incident, some FLIFPAGs dared to keep commenting that the tea formula was "Made in China" that's why it became lethal. I have noticed how quick a lot of FLIPFAGs are to blame China also for the miseries of the country. Maybe it was because of the three drug mules incident and that China decided to carry on with the execution in spite of the useless pleas. From what I realize, Failipinos may now be using China as a convenient scapegoat to escape their problems or two, to avoid accountability or three, to play the victim card.

Now I don't approve of China's bullying but the problem is that, we cannot easily deal with the awakened dragon. Whether you like it or not, China had emerged more progressive than the Philippines because it had started to realize what its old backward culture (done during Mao Zedong's dictatorship) had done to destroy it in the past. When it removed economic protectionism, it became a prosperous Communist country. When the current administration started to relax the one child policy and now going against gender selective abortion, its birth rate may stabilize soon. When its current government realized that a lot of the fake products and narcotics were traced back to their country, they did not hide that ugly fact and they decided to attack the rings that were responsible. In 2008, a lot of people guilty of narcotics and fake food products faced China's chopping board.

When I think of the fake food products from China that entered into the Philippines, I cannot help but blame our country's lack of competence over it. Smuggling is hardly caught in the Philippines all because of corrupt custom officers who can be easily paid with money under the table. Standards for food safety in the Philippines aren't even raised allowing those fake food products from China to enter into Philippine soil. If I am to speculate, I guess those crooked Chinese businessmen (some of them who may have faced China's chopping board) know how easy it is to get into the Philippines due to corruption and negligence. When you think about it, China's government had done much better in dealing with the crime wave than the Philippines ever had. Their government had really took the problem seriously because they know how more often than not, they are a country of origin when it comes to fake goods.

Should I also mention that while China is blamed for the drugs, remember while a lot of the drug dealers are from China, do you ever ask yourself why they decided to TNT (tago na tago) in our country? As said, corrupt officials, corrupt customs, negligence is really a surefire recipe and not to mention, aside from the lack of death penalty for heinous crimes, it's very easy to pay your way out in the Philippines. Reclusion perpetua would be helpful if it wasn't for the stupid victim card department of the Philippines that ends up protecting the rights of criminals instead of the victim. Those Chinese drug dealers should have been caught and shot but what's going on is that, only their underdogs get arrested but they aren't deported back to their country's chopping board. Again, those Chinese drug dealers are a COMMON ENEMY of the Philippines and China.

Just think, if you are thinking of making China the national scapegoat of the country, you are really fighting an awakened dragon head on. Come on, our country can't even defend itself and yet those FLIPFAGs remain arrogant huh?


  1. Is it me or I just find it a coincidence for local news networks to report DAILY about freak accidents (defunct escalator, road collapse ) that USUALLY happen in China, hmm...

    1. Maybe it's not a coincidence. What if there are also freak accidents here in PH we aren't aware of.


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