Four SIMPLE DOESN'T NEED AN A.B. ECONOMICS DEGREE Ways That The Philippines Can Become More Attractive To Investors

After writing a long essay against that fat Murican, I simply want to write my thoughts on how the Philippines can be MORE ATTRACTIVE to foreign investment.  Forget about David Guerrero's ghastly slogan which no thanks to it has given birth to a culture of dysfunction.  While I have been going on the "negative" as of late, I can now provide more constructive criticism than just pointing out mistakes.  Again, many people DO NOT WANT it but I hope the government is greedy enough to consider the LONG TERM benefits.

1.) It's time to remove 60/40 from the constitution in favor of a flexible foreign investment plan

One of the biggest obstacles of the Philippines is the misuse of protectionism.  My older posts didn't have too much of an understanding on what protectionism is.  Again, the problem of the Philippines is that it misuses protectionism which is the very act of restricting competition, in our case, TOO MUCH OF IT.  Free trade countries have a more proper understanding of protectionism when they decide to settle for flexible joint venture packages, allowance of 100% ownership in terms of intangible assets yet YOU MUST FOLLOW THE COUNTRY'S RULES AND REGULATIONS IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE DOING BUSINESS.  That is, in Rome do as the Romans do.  Even if Filipinos will have foreign taskmasters, these foreign taskmasters must either comply with Filipino laws or get out.  More investment means MORE TAXES, MORE JOBS AND MORE REMITTANCES... you cannot rely on OFWs forever!

2.) Decrease the tax rates to reasonable levels

Tax rate is another problem in the Philippines no thanks to the Bureau of Internal Robbery.  Looking at the chart above, do you know Philippines has the HIGHEST tax rate in Singapore?  Don't be so proud of yourself Kill Henares, you aren't any better than your predecessors!  If you start decreasing tax rates to reasonable levels, people will be encouraged to contribute more.  At the same time, may I encourage financial TRANSPARENCY because as much as I don't encourage tax evasion as protest that is be honest even when others are not, however taxpayers should have the RIGHT to protest if their taxes are misused!

3.) Get rid of that STUPID Commission on Human Rights better known as CRIMINALS HAVE RIGHTS together with every other similar organization like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Gagabriela and Migraine International because they only defend the rights of criminals and squatters

I am fed up with the leftist groups because they keep with their repeated cycle of stupidity.  If those leftist groups are removed, just think of how much less protests will there be against foreign investment, how peace and order will be restored.  I would say that while Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City may not be an economist but he knows how to deal with peace and order, and yes he is right to call Liar Dilemma a barking dog and Etta Rosales as a BAD EXAMPLE.  If you have a government that keeps defending the rights of CRIMINALS and SQUATTERS, it will not make investment attractive.  Notice that areas in the Philippines with less crime are more worthy of investment and tourism.  Better reinstate death penalty for worst case scenarios such as massive plunder, genocide and the like.

4.) Be more strict about civil offenses like Singapore and Japan does it

I noticed how some people think the Philippines is a place for freedom because people hardly get penalized for offenses like feeding the birds, smoking in inappropriate places, plucking flowers from public places, wasting water, not flushing the toilet, peeing and pooing anywhere.  Do you know why Singapore is a very orderly place?  It's a place where people value the following of guidelines which gives it a very orderly place.  When people know how to follow guidelines, then it's easy to lead them towards the path to progress, something the Philippines doesn't have.