Four Reasons Why The Idea of Maintaining Pinoy Racial Purity Is Just Absurd

I do speculate it but some Filipinos may actually be very obsessed with the idea of "Racial Pinoy Purity" just as Adolf Hitler was obsessed with "Aryan race supremacy". When I think of the idea of Filipino racists thinking they are some sort of master race, I can't help but laugh at what I'm imagining right now in what might be the quest to "maintain Pinoy racial purity" because of the following reasons.

1.) Like it or not, the Philippines before it even started, was a result of many settlers.

You cannot deny that when the Philippines before it was even named as such after a FOREIGN KING, you cannot deny that there were already many settlers such as the INDONESIANS, MALAYSIANS, AETAS, INDIANS, ARABS AND EVEN CHINESE. That is, how sure are these ultranationalist FLIPFAGs that they have no foreign blood?

2.) When the Philippines was named as the Philippines, it was named AFTER a foreign king.

The country was for nearly 300 years, a colony of a FOREIGN COUNTRY and remember, not all Spanish people ever left the country. If you think of all the raping done by the colonizers regardless of position, Spanish blood already mingled with the Filipinos. The term Filipino was not meant for the natives but for the citizens of Spain living in the colonized country. Again, how sure are they they don't have Spanish blood?

3.) Some of the revolutionaries and politicians were either Chinese by blood or had Chinese blood.

Jose Rizal was Chinese, Andres Bonifacio was 1/4 Chinese, Emilio Aguinaldo was Chinese (though sadly, he was a corrupt official), Ignacio Paua was Chinese... just think if it weren't for these guys, do you think the contemporary Filipino would be around today?! At the same time, they tend to hate Chinese but LOVE using the stuff that are born out of Chinese influence or go to Filipino-Chinese established places. Should we also mention that the Aquinos and Cojuangcos are of Chinese descent?

4.) Not to mention, how many times has it been like... every time a person is at least half-Pinoy they shout out "Pinoy Pride!" to it?

Hmmm and didn't they want their supposedly "pure, holy and undefiled" Pinoy blood not to be mixed with anything foreign? Hmmm and I noticed how they contradict themselves. So how can they flip their tables and claim that it was the Pinoy blood that made the half-breed powerful?

When you think of it, today there is no such thing as a "pure Pinoy" just as today, China can hardly be considered "Pure Chinese". No wonder ultranationalist Failipinos are such walking contradictions.


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