Failipino Pridists, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO FREE RIDE on This Talented Pinay, Gerphil Flores!

So okay I'm not particularly an Asia's Got Talent viewer since I'm not too much of a musical enthusiast but watch how Gerphil Flores gets the REAL recognition she deserves!  Here we have Asia's Got Talent and the judges praise her for her performance.  Even better, one of the judges of this show is one of my favorite actors Vanness Wu, member of the now disbanded F4 praise this GENUINE PINOY TALENT... and while it was robbed of her in the Philippines, she now gets it recognized in SINGAPORE which FLIPFAGs tend to call as "Everybody's favorite tyranny".

Just look below at how ABiaS-CBN's two witches Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Krisis Aquino disgrace her on purpose.  Now here's reasons from The Philippine Pride:
  • Both Ai-ai and Kris know nothing about classical music. 
  • Both judges don’t know how to appreciate the real talent because they are not talented.
  • Both judges think that Gerphil has no future because most Filipinos, especially at her age don’t appreciate her genre.
  • Both judges don’t know how to sing.
  • Both judges don't know only anything but only men.
  • Both judges are just dumb.

I would DARE to agree with what the site had raised the truth.  ABiaS-CBN is pure biased, pure B.S. when it comes to choosing quality.  Just look at the quality of their TV dramas and the music they support... and they are biased.  Just think they choose INFERIOR quality Pinoy for this high quality Pinay talent.  What a difference it was when she sang in Asia's Got Talent who praised for her truly WORTHY performance.

As I said, it's really a shame how the Philippines is really utak-balimbing.  I did mention it that free riding on successful Pinoys is STUPID and that successful Pinoys are a source of Failipino shame, not Failipino pride.  Didn't both judges show their biases, their STUPIDITY, their FAVORITISM (and maybe their man-crazy attitudes) when they really didn't give the glory that was truly for Gerphil Flores? 

Besides, what if Gerphil Flores will soon become an Asia's Got Talent awardee?  I am afraid Failipino Pridists will freeride on her, never mind how they may have jeered at her and supported those two losers Krisis and Ai-Ai in their rather stupid decision.  As said, she got her success and it's HERS ALONE!