Being Late Is NOT Filipino Time, It's Just Plain Tardiness!

I remembered how I once said to my teacher saying, "Well good thing we don't practice Filipino time." Then she replied, "Yes we do practice Filipino time, if the program starts at 3:00 P.M., it starts at 3:00 P.M. and if it will start late, we make sure it's only five to ten minutes late. Being one hour late is not tolerable. Just call being late, being late."

What annoyed me back as a child was that FLIPFAGs would tell me, "Are you sure you are Filipino? If you like being on time, go back to China you Communist! This is the democratic Philippines." Oh boy, there they go again with their self-contradictory ultranationalism. Is being on time really a "foreign concept" huh? Being late is just being late, you cannot deny that affiliating being late with "Filipino time" is stupid and not to mention, it's not even nationalistic.

Do you know the value of time anyway? Sad to say but FLIPFAGs have their wrong sense of entitlement especially when they think that they are the master race of the world. They tend to think, "The world must bow down to the Philippines." type of mentality especially with the recurring OFW phenomenon, why do they keep thinking that they are taking over the worldthat the world must bow down to "Filipino time"... I wouldn't call it Filipino time but FLIPFAG TIME. So what's FLIPFAG Time all about? It's all about being late, never being on time for your appointments. They don't value their time nor the time of other people. As my teacher said, "The foreign market does not consider your excuse of Filipino time. Time waits for nobody. It's stupid why so many Filipinos think that time waits for them. Let's see time save them if they are idle and their houses are burning!"

Since when do FLIPFAGs ever think of following EVEN simple guidelines? FLIPFAGs tend to be the type of people to say, "I will kill myself if I have to follow rules." whenever they are confronted with their problem of not following rules. What is worse is that, in their being late, the are affecting people. They tend to say, "If it doesn't affect you personally, shut up!" That's the problem, they are only thinking about THEMSELVES instead of also thinking for others. What they don't realize people who are waiting for them have their LIVES to live. The person who is waiting for them might have OTHER APPOINTMENTS AND NOT JUST THEM. Just think, if I had an appointment with my doctor at 3:00 P.M. and the other person also shows up at 3:00 P.M. instead of the appointed time of 2:00 P.M., how int he world then am I going to make a sensible compromise there? USE YOUR BRAIN FLIPFAG!

A FLIPFAG can say stuff like, "Well you didn't lose a million dollars with me being late?" Do they realize that being late is bad influence? Sooner or later, they will drag down the whole group with them in the habit of being late. Do you know that a habit of tardiness is destined to get schedules delayed longer than you think? I could put a construction scenario - if everyone kept showing up on time and following their schedules, then there is bound to be much less delays compared to when people keep showing up late. In the scenario where people keep showing up late, there will be way more delays. I have tried that in the process of businesses... when people show up on time and are on schedule, any delay that happens is mostly caused by unforeseen circumstances compared those who are habitually late not only cause delays but decrease the quality of the work.