Why It Sucks To Be An Enlightened Filipino/Pinoy In the Midst of Failipino/FLIPFAG Infested Areas!

Like it or not, the Philippines really has an ongoing civil war between the decent Filipinos (where the enlightened Pinoy belongs to) vs. the Failipinos who may also get the acronym FLIPFAG called "Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations". A person can be born a Filipino either by blood or by citizenship but to become a Failipino/FLIPFAG is the choiceof that particular person. When you think about it, one may need to recognize the reality that there are good Filipinos and bad ones who I love to call as Failipinos. The Philippines' problem of division may not only come from the fact of 7,107 islands but also, the fact that the nation is very well divided between decent Filipinos and the epidemic called Failipino Pride.

Now as a Filipino-Chinese, I remembered how easy it is to look down at Pinoys (in general) because of what is prevalent. I remembered how often I am told that decent Pinoys are easier to count with your fingers. Based on my past experience, it is indeed true how there are more Pinoys who CHOOSE to become Failipinos rather than those who choose the path of an enlightened Pinoy, to become a part of decent Filipinos.

Failipinos one way or another dare to define what makes up the "true Filipino" and while it's not a general statement, I heard it from FLIPFAGs based on my experience. The FLIPFAGs in my childhood consider stuff like habitual tardiness (which they proudly call "Filipino time" when they are not even following time agreed in the Philippines), overspending, lavish occasions, being noisy here and there, having the hypocritical sariling atin mentality(while using imported stuff like come on, don't tell me their TV sets were made in the Philippines), standing by your guilty citizensand whatever stupid views they have. Some of them even think it's an act to love your country by raising lazy relathieves (hence why many OFWs remain poor), not following simple guidelines and oftentimes, mixed with ultranationalism.

I could also think of how preferences differ too much. I have noticed how Failipinos hypocritically tend to claim they hold true to "sariling atin only" mentality while they use imported appliances. One of the areas that enlightened Pinoys or Filipinos can also differ is in entertainment aside from habits. What is baduy for FLIPFAGs may usually be what is good for the enlightened Pinoy. I remembered how some FLIPFAGs say that they are there to expose how stupid I am, whenever I express how much I hate Krisis Aquino and state facts to defend to stand to why she's a nuisance and a weapon of mass distraction. They are also watching those annoying telesaburas in the name of nationalism, again DO NOT tell me that their TV sets and other appliances weren't imported from some other country, then again isn't TV a foreign influence right? FLIPFAGs think they are the smartest people on Earth and that they must expose the "stupidity" of those who refuse to conform to their ideals. However with how they behave, the are only exposing how stupid they are in how they think. I have noticed how people who believe everything ABiaS-CBN News Channel (ANC) says as news, lack critical thinking to think outside the box. Just because ANC says that the economy is good, just because Bloomberg says that the economy is good... one must still think of the other economic situations like how come there is no significant drop of OFWs and increase in foreign investment?

On the other hand, there are enlightened Pinoys who truly love their country. They show their love for their country in attacking the issues that is preventing the Philippines from moving forward. They believe that Filipino time is being on time, that you must follow even the simplest of guidelines, they reject the notion of Pinoy Pride in exchange for Pinoy humility, they accept every citizen of the Philippines as a Filipino even if so and so wasn't Pinoy by blood, they believe in saving money for a rainy day (some of them are OFWs who are with a plan, not having the really annoying Okay Fine Whatever/Wherever/Whenever attitude), they believe in give and take a value that Failipinos would purposely neglect, they believe that a welfare state is a stupid idea, they DO NOT stand by their guilty citizens (hence refusing the victim cardand believing in accountability) and they do not hesitate to speak out against the evils that plague the Philippines. Such people are concerned about the betterment of the Filipino image, not wanting any bad traits that Failipinos are proud of to hit decent Pinoys with an unfair generalization. They are going to keep working for a better Philippines.

Now the major problem is this that just as Jose Rizal was definitely not a popular person on his day, every enlightened Pinoy is destined to be subject to mockery and scorn by their own countrymen who choose to become Failipinos. The reason is because they beg to be different for the better. When you choose to go against norm of stupidity with an enlightened mind, do not expect to be well-accepted just like some scientists in the past. The same people who tell me, "If you like being on time then go back to China." have later bullied a Pinoy who told them that being late is a bad trait as an "unnationalistic traitor", worse decent Pinoys tend to be outnumbered. You will see more Pinoys who stood by their guilty countrymen than those who believe, "If you do the crime, you do the time." After all, for the Failipinos they are bandwagon riders, they ride on the success of others and only care about popularity. Meanwhile, sites like Get Real Philippines do not seek to be popular, it seeks to make a difference. It's truly a shame whenever the Philippines celebrates "Araw Ng Kagitingan" like it did yesterday but end up lumping the true heroes with the fake.

To be honest, it's really painful to why FLIPFAGs have to abound. After all, a good candidate comes in and nobody wants him. Instead, FLIPFAGs choose to vote for people who have high popularity never mind that these candidates might have low CREDIBILITY. I mean, a good person like Dick Gordon or Gilbert Teodoro would have made a much better president than that stupid President Nobita Aquino. I mean, right now Dick Gordon even dismisses the idea of OFWs as the new heroes, an idea that FLIPFAGs just love to embrace because they think OFWS means the Philippines will take over the world (WOW HOW GAGO OF THEM TO THINK LIKE THAT), they are gago regardless of IQ because gago means, "You know the truth, you see the truth yet you refuse to act on the truth and accept the truth." Nobody chooses to be bobo, some people are just slow learners but you can choose not to be gago. Unfortunately, more Filipinos choose to be gago and worse, while they hate to be called gago, but they love being gago by their actions. H&nbsp