The Slogan "It's More Fun In The Philippines" May Have Contributed To The Culture Of Impunity!

I've seen a lot of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" slogans one after the other and I cannot deny how these joke slogans (example on the right side) may convey the truth that the slogan itself creates a culture of dysfunction. I would not spare any moment to harshly criticize David Guerrero's slogan not because I am jealous but because, the slogan itself is preposterous. Moving on, one can think that a culture of dysfunction can also lead to a culture of impunity. Sad to say but the Philippines right now has a very high impunity rate.

Impunity is defined by the dictionary as, "exemption or freedom from punishment, harm or loss." Sad to say but that is what is going in the Philippines. Such people always tell me to, "Go back to China you Commie!" every time I raise the issue that the country is suffering from a culture of impunity. As of right now, Ilda of Get Real Philippines has written about how the culture of impunity has increased during the Nobita Presidency. If the Gloria presidency had its own share of impunity, it got worse with President Nobita. While China had gotten rid of Zheng Xiaoyu for his corrupt practices as a health minister that not only harmed China but the rest of the world (ex. fake food products), the Philippines had done NOTHING to deal with Department of Social Welfare and Development secretary, Stinky Soliman's repeated violation and neglect of her post. At the same time, you can blame Madame Victim Card and the Commission on Human Rights.

I also feel like the need to link the recent occurrence of why there are so many Filipino drug mules getting executed in several areas of the world. I hate to raise it up but the Philippines has become a paradise for drug dealers. A culture of impunity has caused lots of illegal Chinese to freely do business, hide and go strolling in the malls when they should either be deported or shot depending on the gravity of their offenses. This impunity has allowed drug dealers to even get a nice first class cell in Muntinlupa when they are jailed or, even escape by paying customs. And sad to say, crime rate has worsened during the Nobita Administration. So much for his promises of a straight road to progress, it is in fact a straight road towards No Direction.

At the same time, let me raise the issues also in the political arena. I was even facedesking hard when Imelda Romualdez-Marcos was even allowed to run for president and later became a congresswoman (WTF!!!!!) and not to mention, Juan Ponce Enrile, Gringo Honasan and other political criminals are still in power. A lot of people in power should have been locked up and jailed, or denied the rights to run (ex. Mayor Sherap Estrada) because of their crimes. Even right now, President Nobita hasn't even answered for ANY of his failures like the botched Rolando Mendoza incident, DAP, PDAF scam and as of late, the Mamasapano tragedy - choosing to use scapegoats especially Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo(which may suggest he even blames her for the winds and earthquakes), now he has even turned his back on Alan Impurisima just to make himself look good. A culture of impunity may soon leads us to a Jejemon Bitay Presidencythis 2016.