Nine Stuff That May Pretty Much Explain FLIPFAGs' Stupidity!

I was doing some research on stuff that might help my brain in my times of instability. After doing some Google activities, I have figured out these nine stuff that can kill your brainfrom this site. So how will I relate them to Failipinos or FLIPFAGs? Here's how I can relate them over:

Too much sugar kills your brain!

1.) Too much sugar.

One of the biggest problems of Filipino food is how sweet desserts can be in some restaurants. While I may enjoy stuff like turon, camote-q, banana-q and halo-halo but some people in the Philippines, even enlightened Pinoys and Filipinos can take in too much sugar. One example I can name is how much healthier the Italian style pasta is compared to Pinoy style of pasta. Pinoy pasta adds sugar to its tomato sauce which may kill the nutrients in the tomato sauce. I even encounter how often kids are drinking milk with sugar, which is bad for development. In my case, an overload of sugary treats caused all my grades to go down. I even discovered how the smarter people tend to avoid a lot of sugary treats altogether. Sad to say but FLIPFAGs might be thinking that high levels of sugar is part of their "Pinoy" identity.

Air pollution may also explain why a lot of politicians in Imperial Manila write ridiculous laws!

2.) Air pollution.

I may want to link to how Imperial Manila's HEAVY air pollution may explain why some enlightened Pinoys choose to leave Imperial Manila for cleaner areas of the Philippines. Air pollution can damage the lungs and in turn, poison the blood and as blood circulates, it ALWAYS reaches the brain. Air pollution diminishes the oxygen in the brain, which in turn can destroy the brain's functions. With Imperial Manila's pollution at SUCH A LEVEL, isn't it any wonder why most FLIPFAGs may come from Imperial Manila?! Besides not having a decent amount of engine test laws and enforcing smoke belching laws just makes it worse!

Apparently a lot of FLIPFAGs love the nightlife..

3.) Sleep deprivation... and nightlife may be the biggest killer.

Now I would say I do have an occasional nightlife like watching orchestras, kung fu exhibitions and the like but I usually consider the fact if I have work the next day. One of the worst habits that many FLIPFAGs are involved is going to the disco even when they have a morning job the next day. It seems to be nightlife is a necessity for them... because of their fiesta mentality. And a lot of their fiestas happen in the night with all the NOISE that may last up to the morning.

Nothing wrong with occasional junk food but too much junks the brain!

4.) Eating too much junk food.

One of the worst cultures of today is fast food, you get it fast unaware of its preservatives. Now while eating one Jollibee burger or a small amount of junk food doesn't significantly affect the brain, I mean I do get fast food when I need it fast, but the MAJOR problem is when you eat it too much. One of the worst examples I've observed is how often junk food can be sold even at the local school canteen EVEN when the DOH supposedly banned them. And you might consider how a lot of Filipinos and FLIPFAGs may drink lots of soft drinks and can have a problem with junk food. The problem also is how stuff like chicharon and other junk foods get consumed at a DAILY basis which leads to the brain being unable to function properly. Should I mention FLIPFAG carenderias because they are dirty are also junk food too?

Bayan Muna? More like BOBO Muna!

5.) Smoking and drinking.

Smoking kills and I don't care what you smoke because it kills... and whether it's marijuana (which has medical uses but NOT recreational uses) or tobacco, it still isn't good to smoke ANYTHING at all. I used to smoke occasionally myself but I quit, because I coughed out loud with it. Smoking deprives the brain of necessary oxygen to function properly. Being drunk shows it's harmful to the brain. Drunkards can't think properly and my bad writing was a result of being drunk because of chemical imbalance. This chemical imbalance can scramble or even kill brain cells in the process. To be honest, anybody who fights for the rights of teenagers to get drunk and smoke is a TOTAL moron! Plus regardless what Nobita smokes (pot or tobacco) don't expect him to think properly!

And yet so many choose not to eat breakfast!

6.) Skipping breakfast.

If the nightlife wasn't enough, they probably wake up and discover they are late for work (that is they will be beyond one hour late for their typical FLIPFAG time)... so they rush and skip breakfast. Not having breakfast means working on an empty stomach which drops down the essential blood sugar and nutrients. Having a healthy breakfast is very necessary to keep the brain functioning properly. Me having a good breakfast sort of helps me cope up with my insanity problems these days.

And the winner of making people stupid is... ABiaS-CBN!!!!

7.) Lack of mental stimulation.

I have observed how the Philippine education system makes you just accept EVERYTHING written in the textbook... when a smart teacher finds the mistake, he or she should expect to be antagonized by the DepEd or better called the DUPE-Ed because it is the Dupartment of Education... duping the Philippine masses with its corruption. Aside from education, FLIPFAG-seryes are overly predictable, repetitive, nothing is new, no deep concept... and too simple to understand for the viewer. A lot of FLIPFAGs choose to enjoy badly done movies and shows for the sake of "nationalism" which may also contribute to their dying brain levels! I dunno but it seems to be that I've learned from facts from Japanese fiction than from FLIPFAG fiction! Also, with those who keep watching Murican shows, it may explain why the brain levels of pro-American FLIPFAGs are also dying.

Having lechon occasionally isn't bad... but too much of it is a real killer!

8.) Gluttony and high cholesterol.

FLIPFAGs love fiesta don't they? Every time I hear the word fiesta the words like lechon, barbeque and the like enter into my head. A lot of fiestas serve OILY food. A lot of FLIPFAGs love to add LOADS of oil into their food and some people prefer chicharon with the fats than the less fat ones. A lot of people in the Philippines have a problem with overeating. The problem of gluttony and cholesterol does not only make one fat or prone to heart disease, it can also lead to reduction of blood flow as a result as the heart is overworked. The body needs fat but the problem is too much of it. I've even noticed how lechon is the national food of the Philippines instead of healthy foods like adobong kangkong. Now I DO eat lechon but the problem is too much of it is a real killer. Yet the idea of wanting to be in an eternal state of bliss may lead to FLIPFAG workers to buy lechon every pay day which causes health problems.

This makes you get TOO MUCH carbon dioxide!

9.) The problem of getting too much carbon dioxide.

For one, plants get carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, which is basic science. With the problem of how Imperial Manila has its HUGE amounts of pollution, reckless deforestation in the name of "development" and the CROWDED places (check the MRT for instance)... you get the problem of too much carbon dioxide. For one, humans are supposed to breathe oxygen to replenish the brain, not carbon dioxide. But life in Imperial Manila may make it even harder than Filipinos in other places to avoid too much carbon dioxide.