Economic Improvement and Fight Against Corruption Won't Alleviate The Poverty of LAZY Filipinos!

Even if the Philippines will get more improvement, these guys will remain poor unless they change their bad monetary habits!

I am aware that the Philippine Stock Exchange is booming up as of late, reaching an all new record a week or two (However, I am not currently doing stocks due to the fact I don't have much excess money and it's a high risk game). When I thought of President Nobita's 2010 campaign, he said, "Kung walang corrupt ay walang mahirap.", or "If there is no corrupt, there is no poor." then it's really time to consider the stupidity behind the campaign. The tagline is stupid and President Nobita should know better considering he is an economics graduate that it's the person's part to get out of poverty. I would talk with the reality that economic improvement and fight against corruption won't alleviate the poverty of lazy Filipinos.

I remembered the time Paul Farol of Get Real Philippines wrote an article on OFW poverty and I also did write one as well as a response. When I think about the OFW phenomenon, a lot of them remain poor because of their reckless spending habits together with relathieves and fiends. Now let's say that 60/40 is abolished causing a decline in the need of OFWs. That is, there will be more foreign investment serving under the Filipino government and there will be available employment opportunities. That means, there will be more jobs to be employed to. But you cannot deny this one that the jobs do not come to you, yo must find the jobs. When you find the job, you must then manage the money properly. As said, reckless spending keeps people poor even if they are given high paying salaries.

Here's a reality that we must face that poverty exists even in developed countries. For example, while beggars are not so often found in Singapore, but one cannot deny the existence of poverty. I just read of a report in Singapore how a poor Singaporean sold pineapple tarts to make a living. Even during my trip to Singapore, I can see there were a few beggars in a developed city. Why is that? I cannot really know the reason behind the poverty. But you must remember, lazy people exist everywhere. I mean, while China today has become progressive but you cannot deny that there's still some areas of China left impoverished. Some of the citizens of China even refuse to take the jobs and investments that are available for them to take. So that means, even if the Philippines gets more progressive, getting out of poverty is a person's responsibility.

The problem of Failipinos compared to decent Filipinos is that they really want a welfare state. That is, they want the government to improve the economy then give them freebies (ex. free money like pay for their children's tuition), cater to their foolishness and the like. Instead of working to get out of poverty like how some squatters in Tondo have deviated from the norm of their fellow squatters, to get out of poverty and live a decent life or how a tricycle driver's son is now a doctor, they expect the government to do everything for them. In fact, I do expect the PHP 500.00 fine for giving to beggars to be removed soon thanks to the Criminals Have Rights Konsomisyoner Etta Rosales. The idea of wishing for a welfare state must be abolished from the mindset of people or it will continue getting those crocodile politicians who promise a welfare state into power.