What Then Is Filipino Nationalism?

Nationalism is a trait that is either good or bad.  Nationalism is defined as, "Loyalty or devotion to one's country."  However it has more than one meaning which proves the word is either positive or negative.  Jose Rizal had a strong love for his country that he wanted reforms for the Philippines and raised up the issues that made the Philippines a bad country.  A sense of nationalism led Andres Bonifacio (who has Chinese blood) to lead the revolt against Spain when all else failed.  However when taken wrongly, nationalism can also mean feeling that one's country is superior over the others better called as "ultra-nationalist" which is bad for the country (ex. Manuel Quezon's desire for a bad country ran by Filipinos than a good country ran by Americans).

The word "nationalism" can be more often than times misused.  Maybe it's been more misused than David Guerrero's slogan.  Remember that David Guerrero's slogan was inspired by Switzerland's old slogan.  The reality is nationalism can be more misused.  In fact, I have heard Failipinos misuse the word "nationalism" in the defense of their "Filipino identity".  Many times I have been accused of being "Anti-Filipino" because I oppose stuff that they believe make them "Filipino" or at least, to their own definition.  Filipino is defined as any citizen of the Philippines, Pinoy is a person of Filipino origin or descent.  Although my ancestors are from China, I have been born in the Philippines and have grown up in it.  Just remember, a Pinoy is not necessary a Failipino or FLIPFAG, being a Failipino IS A CHOICE.

Failipinos more often than not have their own definition of what it means to be a Filipino and to be a nationalist.  What does being Filipino mean to them?  I remembered the time I complained to the habitual tardiness of teachers and students.  When I complained about their habitual tardiness like being an hour late, I was told something like, "Are you sure you are Filipino?  If you like being on time, go back to China.  Being Filipino also means being late, haven't you heard of Filipino time?"  Indeed such Pinoys were Failipinos, not enlightened Pinoys.  Aside from the habit of tardiness, they have also developed a lot more traits that define their twisted view of "nationalism".  They have practiced the bad habits of being racist, lazy, arrogant, spendthrift, lack of courtesy (ex. playing music loudly in public), throwing garbage everywhere, spitting anywhere, condoning to the wrongs of countrymen, being disrespectful to authority, etc.  A lot of bad habits that is commonly found among in the Philippines.  For them, if you don't support their bad habits, you are automatically "anti-Filipino".

Failipinos promote the values that would just bring down the image of the Filipino.  It's no wonder why it's very easy to make a wrong generalization of Pinoys.  As a child, I wanted to eradicate all Pinoys because I was mistreated simply for being Chinese by blood.  One may consider how this warped view of nationalism has not helped progress. For instance, nations may easily label the Philippines as a country that condones crime whenever some of its people defend its guilty citizens.  OFW related problems in Singapore like the Edz Ello incident has caused a massive Stinkaporean revolution (Stinkaporean means bad citizen of Singapore)... fortunately the Singaporean government was smart enough to enact discipline on Stinkaporeans.  The prevalent display of Failipino Pride and sore loser culture has only ruined the image of the Filipino.  It has created a negative stereotype that may soon declare an unjust stereotyping of Filipinos.

It must be noted that being born Pinoy does not always mean that a person will become a Failipino or FLIPFAG.  He or she may have had the prerequisite to becoming a Failipino but chose not to.  For example, eggs are certainly needed to make a dish that needs eggs but where the eggs go to is up to the cook.  The egg may end up in the cake mix, omelette or sunny side up.  Likewise, the Pinoy can choose the path of becoming the decent Filipino (he/she is the category of the good Pinoy) or to become a Failipino.  In fact, there are Pinoys who choose and beg to differ.  Some Pinoys have gathered to condemn the very misdeed of Edz Ello instead of condoning to what he did.  Some Pinoys have begged to differ to the point they can be marked as "not nationalistic" because they go against the Failipino's definition of "nationalism".  For one, I have been accused of being anti-Filipino by FLIPFAGs from childhood to present.

How then do decent-minded Pinoys display the right kind of nationalism?  The decent Pinoy embraces every citizen whether Pinoy or not as a Filipino.  They want to change the typical Pinoy image for the better.  They oppose practices that Failipinos love to do because they will continue to drag down the Philippines.  They are honorable, disciplined, respectful, kind, compassionate and humble Pinoys.  They may love imported stuff but they aren't colonial mentalists, they choose quality products and are willing to use foreign influence to improve the Philippines.  Why do they love their country in contrast to Failipinos?  They want to see their country improve even if it means getting help from foreigners, opening up the economy, raising up standards for production and the like to see the Philippines progress.  Plus, such Pinoys are willing to risk their lives to make a difference to change the Philippines for the better.  Their kind of nationalism is what should be integrated into the Philippines for a better country.