The Marcos Years: Laying Its Foundations For Further National Decay Of The Philippines

Although the late Cory C. Aquino was definitely not that bright, but one has to think about the Marcos Regime. The Marcos Regime in itself was 20 years of human rights violation, abuse of power, oligarchy and the like and in short the Marcos years were NOT the best years of the Philippines. Just a note to some Noytards or Nobitards, just because I criticize Nobita or the Aquinos for them being in a political dynasty, IT DOES NOT MEAN I SUPPORT THE MARCOSES EITHER! At the same time, anything said against the Aquino that is from a Marcostard must be taken with a grain of salt due to extreme biases. Both sides are know to be manipulative liars... it's like choosing one con artist after the other.

It made me think some people might think that it's best for another Marcos term namely with Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos Jr. My reasons behind this is that for one, Bongbong wants to have his late father declared a hero when the latter is NOT a hero. I would also think of the unaccounted for Marcos wealth. Even if his late father was overthrown last 1986, the foundations of the Marcos or I love to call it Macoyan dictatorship has established some pillars of corruption. The late Marcos Sr. was a petty, vindictive man who always played the blame game such as blaming Diosdado Macapagal (currently the daughter Gloria M. Arroyo is President Nobita's favorite scapegoat), he was mistreating any possible threat to his rule, made oppressive media polices, protected his friends from justice and the like. A lot of these foundations became necessary for the further decay of the Philippines.

While the EDSA Revolution did kick the late dictator out of power but the influence stuck to a certain extent. When the late Cory C. Aquino became president, the 1987 Constitution failed to remove the protectionist policies previously provided by the 1972 Constitution. Also, the Cory Regime failed to remove the guilty people from power. One has to consider how Marcos henchmen and cronies or even the Marcoses remain in power. I still could not get over the stupidity that the COMELEC even allowed Imelda R. Marcos (aka Madame Shoes), the widow of a dictator to run for office. The idea of Mrs. Marcos running for president is just so facepalm-worthy considering her involvement in the shenanigans of her late husband. Then we have Rep. Imee Marcos-Manotoc and Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" R. Marcos Jr. in the seats of power. As of late, Bongbong has a lot to answer for not only refusing to return the stolen wealth but for his involvement in the pork barrel funds.

Even without a second Marcos presidency via any of the Marcos heirs or relatives, the same corrupt foundation still continued. Refusing to remove the protectionist clause has allowed the oligarchy system to continue under different presidents. The problem of electoral fraud allegedly happened also when Fidel V. Ramos supposedly cheated to become president (this is still unproven). Later on Joseph "Sherap" Estrada would later be involved with mass plunder but had the decency to resign after his dirt was opened. Later, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo also cheated to win the seat but it saved the Philippines from being ruled by Fernando Poe Jr. who was not qualified at all. But still, you cannot deny the whole structure has been there. The Marcos years laid its foundations for national decay.

So what's next? I would say that President Nobita Aquino and company also have caught the Marcos flu in the way he runs his administration. The idea of giving President Nobita a second term was just going to create another Marcos-type regime sooner or later but with a moronic dictator. When he signed the anti-cybercrime law as constitutional, he had repeated the late dictator's unreasonable press censorship (but for childish reasons). By defending his friends from getting scrutiny, it's no better than the late dictator who defended his cronies. By refusing to open up the economy, he is further strengthening the oligarchy system that the late dictator started. Worse, his always blaming of his predecessor and her friends is no better than the late Marcos Sr.'s scapegoat mentality.

Unless the Philippines really gets rid of the bad Marcos Sr. did like the oligarchy while maintaining the good ones (ex. the Anti-Squatter law), the Philippines will forever remain the decays of the martial law days. Besides, Bongbong Marcos won't make a good president either. It's always beeu a succession of idiots and tyrants, one way or another.


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