Ten Ways That Failipino Culture is Rewarding the Lazy Failipinos and Punishing the Diligent Filipinos!

It's time to tackle on how Failipino culture is rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent. While I acknowledge that there are diligent and hardworking Pinoys but... there are some who choose to become Failipinos. I am writing this article on behalf of hardworking Filipinos/Pinoys who are doing their best to make the Philippines a better country. To be honest, I may be Chinese by blood but I cannot deny that I am still inspired to write this post.

One of the worst issues of the Philippines is the sin of laziness. Like it or not, the Filipino tends to get stereotyped by other foreigners to be lazy which in turn, the diligent Filipinos get overshadowed no thanks to Failipinos.

Let us take a look at ten ways that Failipino culture is rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent:

Little Miss Late is a heroine for Failipinos

1.) Calling tardiness as "Filipino time"

As I like to emphasize, being late should just be called "being late" and NOT Filipino time. If one wants Filipino time, one must obey Philippine time. That is if the schedule is 3:00 in Philippine time, the time zone of the Philippines must prevail over tardiness ALL THE TIME. Tardiness is tardiness, it must never be made an act of "Filipino nationalism" because it's detrimental to the Philippines. However, most people prefer to call it "Filipino time" which is Failipinos love being late. It's really a bad habit when people don't punish latecomers. I remembered how my international marketing professor had the habit of locking the door when it's her time. She said, "We do not tolerate being late. Foreign markets do not understand what you call as Filipino time." When people are not punished for being late, it will encourage the bad habit of being late in return. The trait of being on time did not originate in China, it's part of universal dignity and word of honor. This is a huge frustration to people who are punctual and choose to be on time because being late causes serious delays. Calling being late as "Filipino time" is no act of nationalism but an act of national delay.

Seriously, we need to talk about Juan Tamad more in our classrooms!

2.) Giving benefits to lazy people

Lazy people are another serious plague of the country. I could remember how often there is also the statement made by a Pinoy who mentioned that sad to say, a lot of Pinoys are good in begging for mercy when they have no work but when work arrives, they don't do their work properly and demand pay for work that they did not do. This was also true when the family of the late Flor Contemplacion were given benefits after she was executed for murder in Singapore. The family got benefits which they all wasted. It just reminded me of someone in College who demanded justice for free riders. Allowing free riders to get their merits is unfair for those who did their work. For example, if I work I get paid and I don't get work, I still get paid which makes not working the better choice. Giving people credits for work they don't do does not only destroy the value of work, it actually destroys the well-being of the free rider. The free rider will become a leech to which he or she does not learn how to fend for himself. Worse, the Philippine government offices are also infamous for paying people even if they don't do their work properly. Besides the value of gate crashing or inviting yourself is a result of this practice.

While their relatives suffer, all they know is to have a good time!

3.) Raising lazy and spendthrift fiends and/or relathieves

Aside from free riders, there are the fiends and relathieves. Somehow, it's really annoying to see how FLIPFAGs either take pride in being the leech or being the one who is leeched. I had the case of my former worker who works at a minimum wage but raises a lazy nephew. I have heard of cases of people who raise lazy relatives. I also thought that a lot of OFWs are probably the most infamous for raising lazy fiends and relathieves... which is one of the many reasons why a lot of them remain poor. Just imagine not providing only for the family but also siblings, nephews and nieces and the list gets longer. What is problematic is when one works to earn money but ends up not enjoying it. I even know someone who was called "unnationalistic" because he won't share any of the money he earned as a sailor, instead choosing to keep it for himself. To be honest, it's not nationalism but just plain stupidity when you choose to raise lazy fiends and relathieves. After all, why feed those who do not work at all right? To be honest, stop being Okay Fine Whatever, be an OFW with a plan. Also, this trait is also the reason why more than many times, our government keeps pleading for guilty citizens of the country for their release, in order to continue this trend!

They aren't a department of education but DOPARTMENT of Education...

4.) "Pwede Na Yan" education system

Like it or not, the Philippine education system is really, really terrible. The Dopartment of Education is usually making faulty textbooks and it is one of the most corrupt offices. Do you want your school to be number one? Give them the highest bribe around and you get the title you don't deserve. I even remembered how a school almost got shut down because the parents bribed the DopeEd. DopeEd public schools perform really poorly compared to high standard private schools. Likewise, a lot of schools in the Philippines have their "pwede na yan" that is, no actual practice, just theory, you pass type of education system. It causes competent, industrious and fair teachers to lose their jobs over to teachers who are incompetent, lazy and unfair. Worse, it allows students who are lazy to get a degree without deserving it like how Universities tend to become a diploma mill behind the backs of many people. To be honest, what's the use of having a degree if it was not studied and earned right? Giving a license to a person who is not qualified for his/her job is just as stupid as handing over a gun to a toddler. I mean, isn't it any wonder why a lot of teachers are stupid, there are many incompetent doctors, lazy nurses and engineers who are just plain liabilities to their profession? In fact, teaching should be take more seriously because the teacher "made them all" which is, without teachers the other professions would not exist.

You call this a tourist attraction?! It's smelly and stinky beyond reason!

5.) Poor standards of cleanliness

Some Pinoys want to keep the environment clean but they have to contend with Failipinos who choose to do otherwise. I remembered somebody who called Singapore a tyranny for fining people for offenses like littering, public urination and the like. Some Murican even said that if he were in Singapore with all those laws against littering, he would kill himself. In the Philippines the law is almost non-existent. I have observed how many people just urinate here and there especially in the squatter areas which tortures every hardworking street cleaner. Street cleaners are supposed to be there to help pick up stuff like broken branches and leaves but they end up getting too much work thanks to litter here and there. I have also noticed how more often than not that a lot of dirty businesses also get sanitary permits too even if they are obviously unsanitary. It's just plain unfair for businesses that do their best to keep themselves clean. It's really unfair for Pinoys who make cleanliness a priority whenever all their hard work ruined by dirty Failipinos who just get away with their dirty habits. What is worse a trip to the City Health, one can see how their CRs are not even well-maintained, how much litter the place has and it's not even deserving of its name as City Health.

Arrogant Filipino squatters
Squatters are also human rights violators like it or not!

6.) By having pro-squatter policies

To be honest, how is defending squatters (thanks a LOT Commission on Human Rights!) really defending human rights? Squatters whether you like it or not are HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS. Some poor people do whatever decent job they can to climb out of poverty and get some decent housing. It's hard not to cry when I hear of my workers who have to deal with squatters near their areas. They worked hard and these squatters just invade spaces, steal electricity, steal your stuff, etc. I know squatters are still human beings BUT they are a threat to their fellow human beings. Their bad habits like peeing and pooing anywhere threatens the well-being of people around them. Worse, many of them are violent people who will do anything to defend their "territory" which they have no proper claim whatsoever. Defending squatters discourages people from working hard to get their own property because squatting is easier and government supported. To be honest, the more you defend squatters, the more it is really bad for the economy because a lot of these people are super lazy. Giving them benefits will discourage them from working hard to get out of poverty. This in turn encourages squatter mentality.

No, being Pinoy has NOTHING to do with success!

7.) Free riding on successful Pinoys

It's really something how hypocrisy is found in this issue. They mock every Pinoy who begs to differ but when the latter succeeds, do expect them to free ride. It has occurred to me more often that Failipinos brag about the success of Pinoys who make it big as if they own the achievement. I could remember how some reactions came when Sayaka Akimoto admitted she is proud of her dual heritage as half-Filipino and half-Japanese. Even before that, I have noticed how more often than that that Failipinos would brag of successful Filipinos like Tony Tancaktiong (never mind a lot of them hate Chinese), Leondro Locsin (still Chinese), Cecil Licad and the like who made it big abroad. I would admit there are successful Filipinos but most of them make it bigger abroad because their Failipino countrymen are more plentiful than their decent Filipino countrymen. For one, there is nothing wrong to admit that a Filipino made it big abroad. But the success should never be attributed to one's own Pinoy ethnicity but to hard work and dedication. After all, Pinoys are no better than other races, there will always be stupid people and smart people among them which is their individual choice.

Kill Henares... killing people with her ridiculous tax policies!

8.) Having super duper ridiculously high taxes

Yes the taxes are ridiculously high. Based on a survey on income equivalent to PHP 500,000.00 and higher the Philippines taxes it at 32%. Meanwhile developed countries like Singapore and Taiwan tax much lower than 32%. When you think of it, the Bureau of Internal Robbery is really discouraging people to earn more in their profits. The way the BIR is dealing with taxes is robbery to hardworking individuals as well as punishing financial achievement. For example, pestering Pacquiao would discourage Pacquiao from winning. Likewise, it will discourage people from entering into entrepreneurship because they will have to pay super duper high taxes. That in turn, gives room for cheating by dishonest businessmen. In the process, honest taxpayers are suffering with paying unjust tax rates while dishonest taxpayers who always declare a wrong amount to pay lesss get away with it. While people who earn more must pay more but the rates of the BIR are best described with Kill Henares holding a gun. To be honest, who would want to earn more and achieve more when you have Kill Henares and company pointing their guns at you? What they are doing is actually discouraging revenues with incredibly unreasonable tax rates. Besides, the BIR deserves to be cheated for being a revenue robber.

Image result for nobita noynoy
Sad but true... the cartoon character who you see as lazy and incompetent becomes "JARAN" the President of the Philippines!

9.) The political arena allows the entrance of incompetent candidates

The manifestation of the culture of rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent has reached politics. Besides, why do you think that whiny loser President Nobita Aquino got into power in the FIRST PLACE? Was it because of achievements as a Senator? He had none and also, his late mother Cory also had her own share of mistakes. Even before President Nobita, we already have the problem of non-achievers becoming politicians. Sometimes I even want to keep raising the areas where Mayor Joseph "Sherap" Estrada deserved his post... he was a mayor, he was a senator, he was a vice president and even if he's dumb, he still managed to do those posts right. Even the very act of stepping down due to his jueteng scandal was a brave act that most politicians are afraid to do. Later on, we have the problem of having Fernando Poe Jr. who KNOWS NOTHING run for President, he was the real winner (that is allegedly) over the more competent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who is now reduced as President Nobita's scapegoat. Even so, a lot of Senators are usually sleeping on the job. Wow no wonder so many want to run for office huh? Besides, people are getting voted for popularity over credibility like how Robert Jaworski got to become a Senator just because he's a famous basketball player.

Please remember, Noynoy's hairline is MUCH THINNER than his father's!

10.) Not to mention, voting for relatives of political dynasties who KNOW NOTHING about effective leadership and management

Political dynasties are nothing more than rewarding the lazy as well. Just because a person is related to a certain politician, you become popular then get voted into power. Just because President Nobita is the son of the late Ninoy and the late Cory and worse, misapplication of EDSA 1986... he gets voted. Then because of the late Ninoy, Paolo Benigno "Bum" Aguirre Aquino gets voted not because of his entrepreneurial achievement but because he is an Aquino. While Bum actually does some hard work as a businessman, what work did President Nobita do anyway? It's pretty unfair how Bum who actually knows a lot hast to stand by his idiotic, brain-dead cousin President Nobita. Then we have children of politicians getting voted even if they are stupid just because papa or mama is in power. Just think - one moment Jejemon Bitay becomes the vice president then MOST of his children enter into politics like Nancy Bitay and Junjun Bitay... all who are part of the corrupt Bitay Clan. To be honest, Nancy Bitay is one idiot of a Senator and I regret voting for her to start with all because I used to think Jejemon Bitay was a good politician (I also regret voting for him). For one, people may also vote for Jejemon Bitay this 2016 because he's so-called "pro-poor" to which he may be what they need for a welfare state.


  1. LKY ( the late PM of Singapore ) said Phils would be poor for another 500 years due to their fun loving care free, problem solving inability, feel good all the time nature (soft culture) just as Greece whereas hard culture countries like China Japan Korea Germany gonna flourish. He was condemned for the book but 40 years later he proves to be accurate.

  2. THis is all true.. Brutally honest!!!


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