Kris Aquino, Kristards and the Jealousy Delusion!

I have written about the jealousy delusion because people think that just because I launch some degree of criticism that I am jealous. What must be understood that critics and criticism are like fruits and leaves, you sort them out. There is good criticism and bad criticism so it's always about sorting them out. It's time to address Kris Aquino and Kristards with their delusion of people being jealous with them or the Aquinos.

I have noticed that even in the past, I have always been accused of being jealous whenever I address how overacting and irritating Kris Aquino is on TV. I always called her an attention whore which makes me want to smash her head across the wall. Whenever I say something against Kris, I am automatically told, "You are just jealous of Kris. She is famous and you are not." Kristards are always willing to defend their "goddess" no matter what. And why is that? It's just because she is a daughter of the late Ninoy and the late Cory. When Cory was alive, even her mother had problems with her behavior especially during the time she had an affair with Philip Salvador, giving birth to their lovechild Joshua Aquino.

Seriously, me jealous of Kris?! What am I to be jealous about? Maybe I would admit I can be jealous that she's popular in spite of her attitude problem like throwing tantrums on TV yet she gets attention. That is not worth getting jealous about. Is there anything worth getting jealous about the fact that she is an IDIOT? I don't care if she came from a prestigious school - degrees, grades and intelligence do not fight idiocy, it's learning from experience that fights idiocy. Idiocy is when you refuse to acknowledge the truth even when its clear as crystal, even when lights are flashing and you still insist you are right. That's Kris Aquino.

Also I am not jealous of her but rather angry with how much she is influencing people for the worse. Her attitude of never admitting she's wrong (ex. her multiple affairs with married men), taking women's rights towards the wrong direction (she couldn't even maintain stability to her marriage with James Yap), her overacting behavior, her attention whoring and the like are facts I can never be jealous about. Being jealous of her is a waste of time because while what she does won't affect me personally all the time, but the issue is how it affects the Filipino society. Besides, people who only ask how her actions affect me personally, I can assume they are nothing but selfish and self-centered people who only care about themselves. Besides, aren't they also the ones who criticize out of jealousy?

More often than not, the idea of thinkers doers is more real than fictitious. I have experienced criticizing out of jealousy and being criticized out of jealousy. Those impoverished people unfairly labeled me as a Scrooge because I stopped my overspending habits and have more money. Meanwhile, I have criticized those materialistic children back then because they had all the useless stuff I wanted. Meanwhile, some people give criticism out of concern. If you are a true friend, wouldn't you reprimand your fellow friend of a wrong out of concern. If I told you your zipper was open or your bad work is really bad, am I jealous that your zipper is open or you did a bad work? I am showing my concern, not my jealousy. What is part of pride is that you can be very good at criticizing others but get angry when you are criticized... in short it's self-centeredness.

Am I also jealous of Kristards? Puh-lease I have much better things to do. What am I to be jealous about? Their idiotic minds that make them think that they are smarter than everyone and I'm stupid? It's not even worth a dime being jealous over a crowd of people who follow her blindly. Besides, ABiaS-CBN is an even bigger mess thanks to her and Kris TV. Besides, that's why I even call her Krisis Aquino. Either she deals with her personal crisis or continue to fall down. And it's not about me... it's about society itself. While I can choose to ignore Kris Aquino but unless separation of Kris and State is done, then the problem will just get worse.