Get Rid of the "Filipinos Are Always Oppressed" Mentality

Knowing that March is next month, I would like to write against the idea that "Filipinos are always oppressed." I have raised the issue of China actually doing something right by executing the three drug mules, a FLIPFAG had said that I'm a hypocrite in raising it. The person probably thinks that China doesn't punish its own citizens. While it's true that a lot of Chinese are involved in the drug trade, however China won't plead for them if they are caught in other countries. China has had dealt with crime in its own country with swift action just as it's dealing with problems in its own country (ex. pollution) with swift action. As a Chinese by blood, I could care less even if majority of the convicted criminals are Chinese, they deserve execution just as much as the three Filipino drug mules.

The idea of "Filipinos are always oppressed" may have started in March 17, 1995 (the Flor Contemplacion incident) and not during the Spanish colonization. The movie was even made which twisted the facts like making Flor look innocent, that Delia Maga was killed by her employer and other truths that were purposely written out in favor for a B.S. film. The film glorified the victim card mentality. Later on, the late Flor may have become the "patron saint" of Migraine International. Sixteen years and a couple of days later on March 30, 2001 the phrase, "No to Another Flor Contemplacion." was made, invoking the name of the late Flor in an appeal to save Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain. As much as the families were hurt but one must remember, these three drug mules have harmed other people's families too. In the idea of justice, it's nothing personal but social. The family of the convict may be bereaved by the execution but the execution was done to protect the greater good of society.

What Migraine International is showing is their mentality of believing that "Filipinos are always oppressed". Some have gone too far as to say that they are the special target. The truth is when it comes to racial discrimination, the Filipino is not especially the target, they are a target. Racists don't care whether or you are Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, African, etc. as long as you are not of their race, you are their target. Being Chinese myself, I have observed that xenophobic Chinese didn't only look down at Filipino but on EVERY race as their enemies. Another way to disprove the idea that Filipinos are always oppressed is that some countries like Singapore are strongly anti-racist. As of recent, Singapore has been jailing ultranationlist Singaporeans (which I would call as Stinkaporeans just as I call bad Filipinos as Failipinos/FLIPFAGs) for anti-Filipino activities which may hurt decent Pinoys in the process. Besides, one must realize that FLIPFAGs are mostly racist too. At the same time, China's open economy to foreigners proves that China is no longer a racist state as it once was.

The accusation itself can go as far as to believing that the countries that took action against guilty Filipinos don't punish their own citizens. Excuse me but the current administration of China doesn't really care from what country the criminal is. You do the the crime, you do the time. China had swiftly punished the corrupt health minister Zheng Xiaoyou with DEATH together with other accomplices. The government won't plead for any Chinese drug dealers who may get executed in other countries. Their strong anti-drug drive isn't targeting only Filipino drug mules but also, every person involved in drugs. Depending on the crime, a person may get jail time to death penalty. Users may get jail time and reduced sentence, meanwhile masterminds may get the death penalty. May I also remind them FLIPFAGs that one of the reasons why Chinese druglords establish their territories in the Philippines is because of bad governance? If the Philippines only had a very strong anti-crime policy, a competent police force... those Chinese druglords won't have a strong territory in the Philippines! But all they have to do is to pay the cops, pay the Bureau of Internal Robbery and JARAN... they get protection!

Meanwhile, the very act of being a FLIPFAG is a choice which in turn, can fuel racist feelings against Filipinos in general. The very act of Edz Ello's racist comments was a trigger towards anti-Filipino sentiments by Stinkaporeans who were rightfully disciplined by Singapore's authorities. The problem of Overseas FLIPFAG Workers makes it more often than not a trigger for discrimination. FLIPFAGs misbehaving in Singapore are fueling anti-Filipino feelings to the point that even decent Pinoys can be unfairly stereotyped. For the decent Pinoy, instead of playing the victim, they decide to show the world that not all Filipinos are FLIPFAGs by not standing by or defending their guilty citizens. Besides, one must realize that one racist act only begets another. Only by responding to racism with non-racism can the cycle be lessened one way or another.

Should I mention also the reality of thinkers doers? It's very easy to judge anybody based on one's actions. Besides, I have noticed while the Philippines may not be as racist as the slave traders but a lot of its people are racists. The idea of Pinoy pride is nothing more than a racist agenda of promoting the idea that Pinoys are taking over the world, Pinoys are the master race and the world must bow down to Pinoys. Besides, Edz Ello's racist statements can easily get supported by FLIPFAGS as a good deed while they would condemn the just punishment of a Pinoy as an act of racism. In short, it's a thinkers doers situation. Fortunately some Pinoys are brave enough to oppose the FLIPFAG way of thinking one way or another.