Exposing The Hypocrisy of Anti-Chinese Failipinos

Considering it will be Chinese New Year, I would like to address the hypocrisy of Anti-Chinese Failipinos. They always had their "Philippines for Filipinos only..." and they have their twisted definition of nationalism. Yes they are Filipinos but they are the sub-category called Failipino, not the sub-category called the decent Pinoy. One of their biggest hatred would be Chinese.

Like it or not, a Filipino is someone who is a CITIZEN of the Philippines. It's not just limited to Pinoys, it's to every person who pledges allegiance to the Philippines as a citizen. Sad to say but Failipinos are the bad type of Pinoys. Being Pinoy is not a bad thing,it's when a Pinoy chooses to be a Failipino that is a bad thing. As I said, being Failipino is a choice, again point missers don't get it do they? I am writing this article to expose the hypocrisy of Anti-Chinese Failipinos.

The Obsession with "Pure Pinoy" Is A Misguided Delusion

As a Filipino-Chinese, I could rant more than once about how I was often mistreated by Failipinos which caused me to hate every Pinoy. I remembered their stuff like when they brag, "Pinoys are the greatest." in horrible Carabao English. They have their belief that Pinoys are the greatest, that they are taking over the world through the OFW phenomenon, they consider themselves the best because of brown skin (as if brown skin is not the most dominant Asian color and Pinoys aren't the only race with brown skin) and that they are the pure race (which is nonsense, Pinoys are descendants of multiple settlers like Indonesians, Malays, Indians, Africans, SPANISH AND CHINESE). They also adhere to the belief that the Philippines must only be for Pinoys and that all Chinese have to move away and "go back to China".

The obsession of "pure race" Filipino is stupid more often times than not. How can there be a pure Pinoy if I just stated that they are descendants of multiple settlers? Before the Spaniards unified the archipelago and named it after King Philip I of Spain, the Philippines had settlers in it. If some of the native Indonesians, Malaysians, Africans and others entered, wouldn't that start to "taint" the Pinoy race? Then there were also the Chinese traders who may have already settled in the Philippines for good before it was colonized. Then there came the Imperial Spanish rule for 300 years. Filipino-Chinese were already in the Philippines from that time to the Imperial Japanese rule and up to present. So really, the chances of having a "Pure Pinoy" may be as slim as 1 to 1,000 or even higher. In fact, how sure are these FLIPFAGs they don't have foreign blood right?

A Lot of Businessmen for the Philippines Are FILIPINO-CHINESE or Chinese

Like it or not but a lot of job providers in the Philippines are Filipino-Chinese aside from Pinoys and Spanish, if not they are the dominant force in the business world. Even if not all Filipino-Chinese are wealthy or business oriented (some of them are Chinese versions of FLIPFAGs) but most of them are the job providers. One may think of small businesses to medium sized ones to big time ones. One may think of some companies like Robinson's is owned by the Gokongwei Clan, SM is owned by Henry Sy, Jollibee is owned by Tony Tancaktiong, Allied Bank is owned by Lucio Tan, Globe is owned by Ernest L. Cu and the like. Now there are some Pinoy businessmen but they acknowledge that the Filipino-Chinese businessmen are part of the economy. If one were to start an ethnic cleansing, a lot of jobs will be destroyed in the process to the point OFWs may not even have a plane to go to other countries in the long run.

What I have observed is their hypocrisy in the midst of them hating those who are Chinese by blood or have Chinese blood. Many times, they state that the Philippines should only for Pinoys. Some of them are even caught eating in places like Jollibee (or even funnier, Chinese food restaurants), go shopping in SM or Robinson's, using Globe's services and depositing money in a Tsinoy owned bank. It's absurdly funny why they hate Filipino-Chinese but they are using the services owned by the people they hate. If they hate Chinese, they should avoid going to SM and go to the Sari-Sari store, they should not eat at Jollibee and eat dirty Filipino food in unregistered carenderias, they should not avail of Globe (and for all we know, PLDT's Manny Pangilinan might be Chinese himself). In fact, they should just avoid anything affiliated with Chinese to protect their "sacredness". Heck even ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7 have some Chinese co-owners!

I should also mention that the top beneficiaries of protectionism are not Failipinos but big time Filipino-Chinese businessmen. For example, one may consider that a lot of the oligarchs are Chinese. During the Marcos period, one of the top oligarchs was Lucio Tan. The Cojuangcos and AQUINOS are of Chinese descent which makes Kris Aquino (FLIPFAG's favorite host), President Nobita and Senator Bum Aquino to have Chinese ancestry. I also mentioned that Globe is owned by a Filipino-Chinese. Seriously, they love protectionism but hate its top beneficiaries.

Some of the Best Filipino Achievers are Chinese By Blood or Have Chinese Blood (Not All)

One cannot deny that there are Filipino achievers but not all of them are the decent Pinoys. One may consider the reality that Leondro Locsin has Chinese blood and Tony Tancaktiong is Chinese by blood. It's really stupid as I said to eat in Jollibee and hate Chinese. It's because Tony Tancaktiong is obviously Chinese. Leondro Locsin is also Chinese by blood even if he is a Filipino by heart. Why brag about the architect in Brunei was a Filipino if they cannot accept that Leondro Locsin was a Filipino?

In fact, some of history's greatest Filipinos were Chinese by blood or had Chinese blood. Andres Bonifacio was born of a Spanish father and a Filipino-CHINESE mother. Ignacio Paua a great general of the Revolution was a migrant from China, Emilio Aguinaldo was Chinese, Jose Rizal was mostly Chinese, Sergio Osmena was the illegitimate child of Gotico making him half-Chinese,Tomas Pinpin the founder of the Filipino printing press was also Chinese, Antonio Luna was also Chinese and Marcelo H. Del Pilar was Chinese. I had to emphasize "was Chinese" because truth is, a lot of the revolutionary nationalists were CHINESE. If these Filipino-Chinese did not form the revolution, the Philippines could have become as bad if not worse than majority of South America.

They Hate Wealthy Filipino-Chinese But They Have Expensive Taste

What I have noticed about most FLIPFAGs is that in spite of the wealth they claim to possess, a lot of them aren't rich. I have noticed some rich people no matter how much hot air they hold, they aren't that much of braggarts or are even not braggarts at all. For example, I know a rich guy who may live a high class lifestyle however does not like publicity at all. He may prefer expensive coffee shops but ironically, he was willing to go to a milk tea store with his lawyer-friend even if he calls it "cheap".

On the other hand, some FLIPFAGs I have met have expensive stuff but turn out to be living in low class areas. I even know a FLIPFAG while he won't want to drive a Toyota because it's so "for public transportation" lives in a low class area. They hate the rich for stupid reasons. I could still remember the One Direction ticket incident where people even got mad at the richer people for getting that ticket (so good thing I didn't buy the ticket even if I can afford it... hahahaha). Even before that, I could name incidents that I end up becoming a victim of jealousy just because I wore a Citizen watch or that I wore nice clothes (even when they weren't pricy ones). They probably hate the rich because they have expensive stuff in their want list but can't afford them. On the other hand, they even have the fallacy of using lifestyle as an indicator of wealth which creates more poverty. This may also explain why many OFWs remain poor.

Other FLIPFAGs have grown to celebrate poverty. They have the mentality of, "The rich are evil and must be punished and the poor must be liberated." Just because one is rich, it doesn't mean the person accumulated the wealth by evil means. Just because one is poor, it doesn't mean that the person is a victim of injustice. Sometimes you are poor because of your actions. For example, an honest businessman can become rich because of his honest practices. A person can become poor because he or she cheats others, thus destroying his credibility as a businessperson.

These FLIPFAGs Are Enjoying Stuff Born Out of Chinese Influence or Made in China

Like it or not, Chinese influence has already kicked in the Philippines centuries ago. If Chinese trader had transactions with Pinoy natives, wouldn't Chinese influence have kicked in to the natives? Before the Imperial Spaniards occupied the Philippines, the Chinese were already trading with the Pinoy natives. Barter trade may have had Pinoy goods give to Chinese and in return, Chinese goods were given. Silk, porcelain, ampao and the like are all of Chinese influence. China had played a tremendous influence in Filipino culture. One may want to eat at a Filipino "native" restaurant. The term "native" there was added for fancy reason perhaps. One may observe how they are using porcelain, serving pancit (which is Chinese by origin) and it may be owned by a Filipino-Chinese.

Also a lot of Filipino-made concepts were born from China. I just mentioned pancit and noodles came from China. Ampao and lumpia introduced by the Chinese and later, some Pinoys modified them for a more Pinoy version. Siopao, siomai and steamed rice are all born from Chinese influence. Some Pinoys have modified siomai for a more Filipino taste but the origin is still CHINESE. Also, a lot of stuff we use today are either from China or from Chinese-speaking countries. Some imported brands may not be Chinese in origin but they were assembled in China. Many appliances today are made in China even if the company was not from China. It's just ungrateful to get mad at Chinese when they are part of the whole manufacturing and influencing cycle.

Also, I could mention that if they hate China because of the death of the three drug mules, they might consider that China may be more "moral" than the Philippines. Chinese media isn't afraid to show the facts that China is now heavily polluted with immediate action done, it gave a corrupt health minister what it deserved, it's now willing to make adjustments (ex. the one child policy is now eased) and not to mention as I said, getting serious on the war against crime. If they hate China because of the three drug mules, they might as well consider that those three CRIMINALS just got what they deserved.

Last, the Aquinos are CHINESE TOO

This is the last point I need to raise. Why do they hate Chinese but adore Krisis COJUANGCO Aquino who is Chinese? Also, they need to realize that the Aquinos and Cojuangcos are FILIPINO-CHINESE. That means, Bum Aquino is at least half-Chinese. That would mean Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino is Chinese since both his parents are Chinese. If they hate Chinese, they should also hate Krisis COJUANCGO Aquino too! It's still stupid how they watch ABiaS-CBN's crappy TV programs (which has Chinese board members) or adore Krisis COJUANGCO Aquino who is Chinese while being Anti-Chinese with their propaganda? Baffling isn't it?


  1. Even the national hero Jose Rizal has Chinese ancestry!


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