What's Wrong With The "Starstruck" Mindset?

President BS Aquino managed to find time out of his 'busy' schedule to grace the 'royal' occasion.
I could address the problems of a Starstruck mindset. Somehow, I am having the Dong/Marian hangover even if I wasn't invited, a fan nor anything. But it's the fact I'm facepalming over how the event was given too much importance especially President Nobita chose to attend it over doing something else more important (ex. visiting Tacloban). As a civilian and if I were invited, I would gladly attend the wedding IF I had no obligations. But the problem is how often are we Starstuck already?!

So what's the real issue? We have willing "fantards" as Chino Fernandez quotes from his similar article. In short, it leads to unintelligent decisions. Rather than raise again the issue of One Direction's ticket line involving teenagers who are passing through that phase in life, I could talk about adults instead. During the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno event, I believe the event got too much coverage. Heck, somebody even bragged she filed a sick leave (above) to attend the event! The event was THAT overcrowded and I guess some people even camped outside too. It's a real issue that celebrity news is already treated as a need, not as a want.

Which of course, one may think of the issue of how Starstruck mindset can be very dangerous. Many times, a lot of Pinoys refuse to separate Kris and State. Decent minded Pinoys have had enough of the drama queen's being "queen of all liars". Why is the media giving TOO MUCH attention to this attention whore? Everywhere, I see a Kris Aquino billboard. It's like a decent American getting fed up with Miley Cyrus (or insert name) billboards everywhere.

Sad to say but a lot of Pinoy Pride is also focused on too much celebrity action. An earlier incident occurred with the revelation that Sayaka Akimoto was half-Filipino, some already started posting comments like "Kabayan" on social networks... never mind she is Japanese by citizenship. Never mind that Failipinos have their racist tendencies but when somebody who is half-Pinoy makes it, they start to swoon and gloat about how great their blood is. Another event worth noticing is how whenever a Pinoy makes it big abroad like Manny Pacquiao, it's very easy to shout "Pinoy Pride". Many years ago, how often do I read from a social studies textbook back in elementary the achievements of Pinoys abroad but fails to mention the problems of other Pinoys or issues that Pinoys need to solve.

This leads to a double-standard hypocrisy. How many times do poor Failipinos have their mindset that the rich are evil and should be punished then and the poor are oppressed and must be liberated mindset? More often than not. While they try to protest against big time companies they usually falsely accuse of "unjust practices", they end up going home to gush over their favorite celebrities and TV programs. Heck, isn't ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience part of the ELITE?! Again, Failipinos (Bad Pinoys) are double standard hypocrites, I'll write on it another day.

It also leads to the problems of the Pinoy people to have most of them into show business. One may consider an interview with a group of Pinoy kids. If you ask them what they want to grow up, many tend to answer "actor" or "actress" over the more useful courses. What is often ignored is that being an actor or actress demands hard work, something Failipinos hate to think about. Some Pinoys want to focus on useful positions like being job providers or life sabers. Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys think that show business is the "easy way out".

There is also the problem of the "celebrity delusion" a topic I might write on focus. Some Pinoys think just because a certain Pinoy makes it big time in entertainment, they will make it too. What pretty much annoyed me back in the past was when a former worker of ours got mad with me. Putting up with him was a major pain in my ass. After I told him that his work practices weren't welcome, he said, "You better watch out I'll be a star." He started to make his "auditions" and even if he has a terrible singing voice, he brags he is a famous singer. He even can't act and all he can do is punch someone but he can't put on an impressive fight. He's not even handsome but he thinks he's handsome. This has reached to the reality of the refusal to accept one's limitations.

We can always add the "you're jealous" argument. Now it doesn't mean a person criticizes somebody it's out of jealousy. Sometimes we just criticize because it doesn't agree with us. For example, I criticize the extravagant lifestyle not out of jealousy but because it doesn't agree with me and it's a dangerous lifestyle. Criticism does not always tantamount to jealousy. Criticism is either constructive or destructive. Constructive criticism means to point out the merits and demerits accordingly. What I am doing is offering criticism in hopes of improving something, not destroying something.

Any decent Pinoy who is not a Failipino may also point out to me, "Well sir, you are forgetting a lot of our politicians are celebrities." I tend to forget that and I thank every decent Pinoy for reminding me of that grim reality. Sherap won the titles of Mayor, Sinator, Vice President with a lot of vices AND President. Why? Because Sherap was a famous actor. Others like John Jaworski, Tito Sotto and Lito Lapid followed. Then the late Fernando Poe Jr. supposedly won and could have led the country to a dark dark age... so IMO it's a good thing Gloria M. Arroyo (Nobita's scapegoat) got to cheat. You just think of starstruck stupidity that keeps hitting the nation.

Because people keep voting based on popularity than winnability, just think of the consequences. You have people who cannot even run the country. Relatives of these actors even get voted and thus the Estrada Political Dynasty continues. Later, Sherap was pardoned because of popularity (and to increase Gloria's ratings) then he was even allowed to run again when in fact, HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL. Miriam Santiago, sad to say, even sided with Sherap because of popularity during his term. Later, Unggoy keeps getting more ratings. The father/son team of Sherap and Unggoy is an example of the consequence of a Starstruck mindset. In fact, it's time to know who is to blame for bad politics.


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