Three Reasons Why "Colonial Mentality" Is Very Hard to Combat in the Philippines!

Colonial mentality can be defined as to think anything foreign is better than what is your country.  You may also define it as preferring anything imported regardless of quality.  Now colonial mentality is NOT liking anything that is foreign, rather it's preferring everything foreign.  And now I'd like to write why it's very hard to combat colonial mentality in the Philippines.

I would like to raise the issues of what's going on in the Philippines.  Failipino entertainment is prevalent.  You can have the real issues that Failipino films, they don't make us think.  You can have substandard products.  You can have trashy services that make you complain.  You have a lot of lazy and irresponsible Pinoys who don't make good spouses for decent Pinoys.  The list can go on... all those factors can fuel "colonial mentality".  In what way?  It's very hard to see anything good in what is Pinoy made because most of them are trash and any quality Pinoy-made stuff can be easily overshadowed.

1.) Failipino Entertainment SUCKS Big Time

One may think of last year's monster hit called "Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno" which was succeeded by another monster hit called "Rurouni Kenshin: Legend's End".  It sort of raised eyebrows like the One Direction incident.  The film itself stayed on top on the box office for five days straight, the premiere night was SUPER CROWDED.  During the whole fan event, one bragged she filed a fake sick leave.  Did anybody do that for a local artist?  I highly doubt it.  For one, it's can be proof that Filipino entertainment is better called "Failipino entertainment" because of its trashy quality.

One can think of what's wrong with Pinoy drama for most of its run.  You have producers who claim they are original when they are not.  Plot redunancy, victim card mentality, bad acting, bad special effects... it doesn't make it world class.  It may get shown in countries worse than the Philippines but not in developed countries like Taiwan, China and Japan.  For example, Zaido will always be remembered as a serious blot against Failipino entertainment.  For one, you're better off rewatching Tokusatsu from Japan than the failed Tokusatsu done by Filipinos.

2.) Failipino Products and Services JUST SUCK Big Time

Moving on, economic protectionism has done little or none to really combat economic protectionism.  Now nothing is wrong to support Pinoy products but one problem can be faced is this.  How can there be quality Pinoy products if all there is, is the false value of Pinoy Pride?  Go ahead and say you'll punch me for rejecting Pinoy Pride, the truth is such a notion will not do anything good.  So what's wrong with a lot of Pinoy made products?  I won't deny that there are some quality Pinoy products that foreigners buy during their trips.  However the problem would be when a false sense of nationalism teaches, "When you love your country, you rejected everything imported.  You must have everything only Pinoy made even if it's good or bad.  If you patronize imported products then you are not nationalistic."  That my friends is a false sense of nationalism.

The wrong sense of nationalism is another reason why progress won't happen.  If people patronize trashy products and services, it would be a real torture right now and then.  Some Pinoys have awakened to the reality that if they continue to support, they get more of it.  Because they ended up having better foreign products and services, they end up thinking whatever is foreign is always better.  So why patronize services that don't listen to customer complaints?  I know one lechon company in Cebu who adjusted their taste because it was "too salty" for most customers, because they did that they still progressed.  Refusing to adjust always creates the major problem of losing patrons.

3.) Failipinos Make Bad Soulmates

Lastly, one may also consider a lack of decent Pinoys to be one's potential partners.  Why do decent Pinoys of both genders (Pinay is the more gender-exclusive term for female Pinoy) end up wanting to marry foreign men of certain races or marry Filipinos who aren't Pinoy?  It's because of a lack of decent Pinoy partners.  A lot of Pinoys happen to be lazy, arrogant, law-breaking etc. and no decent Pinoy would want that in a partner.  To be honest, it's more feasible for a decent Filipino woman to be married to a decent Filipino-Chinese or a decent foreigner, over a Pinoy who would be prove as a bad partner.

It just made me think.  It's not nationalism to choose a Pinoy suitor who is not husband material over a foreigner who can give you a bright future.  So let's say a Pinay marries that Pinoy suitor out of stupid nationalism.  It would result to a lifelong agony.  However any decent Pinoy or Pinay ends up choosing anybody who's not Pinoy out of a wise choice.  At the same time, this has already created the pattern that foreign partners are always better when that's not the case.  It's pretty much case to case basis actually.