The Need to SLAM THIS COVER on David Guerrero's Face!

David Guerrero the person behind "It's More Fun in the Philippines" slogan NEEDS to wake up to reality.  This was taken last July 12-18, 2014 and it's not a very old issue either.  So just think in spite of growing GDP, the reality is the Philippines has failed to reduce poverty significantly.  One may think that sloganeering helps but here's reality, David Guerrero is OUT OF TOUCH with reality and he needs to crash back to it!

So what's the real problem?  Philippine media is nothing more than whitewashing.  ABias-CBN News Asia keeps calling the Philippines as "Asia's Next Miracle" under the rule of President Nobita when other sources SAY OTHERWISE.  Although the Philippines is in totality not as bad as Bangladesh or Somalia but give a few more bad administrations, it might become as bad as that.  India started out prosperous but later, the whole country went down thanks to government corruption, incompetence and poverty.  The Philippines wasn't a bad country until the effects of Marcos up to present showed up.

What David Guerrero needs to see is that no amount of sloganeering will help the country.  He needs to see the reality that national improvement and not a preposterous slogan will increase tourism.  He needs to see why tourism is high in certain parts of the Philippines but low in the others.  He needs to crash back to reality and stop with his preposterous slogan.  Instead, it's time to work together to make it more fun in the Philippines than to continue campaigning for garbage.