The Amazing Thing About Those STUPID FLIPFAG Trolls!

Well looks like this blog will be getting a lot of FLIPFAGs offended.  After all, FLIPFAG does not stand for "Failipino Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely/Perpetualy For All Generations" for nothing.  The term Failipino is always a negative term while a Pinoy refers to anybody who can be considered "ethnic Filipino".  So the term Pinoy is purely neutral because there are good Pinoys and bad Pinoys.  Now looks like this "Anonymous" person has gotten truly offended and has started to badmouth me in this post.  Whoever this "Anonymous" is has the marks of a FLIPFAG.

Moving on, I could really talk about what's so amazing about them is that they would actually be interested in sites that goes against them.  For example, the website Get Real Philippines has its own fair share of trolls attacking it daily.  Ilda Ilda's article about Marian Rivera and it launched a lot of hate from trolls.  Get Real Philippines (GRP) as a website and blog is plagued with a LOT and I mean a LOT of Internet trolls who refuse to handle the truth.  It's because they want to remain in their culture of impunity and stupidity.  Stupid because they think people who spread the truth, who want change, who fight for change, who wants to change the Pinoy identity for the better are stupid.  There are many ways they are the ones who are really STUPID. Stupid not because they have a low IQ.  You can be a genius and be STUPID at the same time.  In short, being GAGO is NOT IQ related, it's all about common sense.  Being gago is preventable but sadly, most people choose that path.

They are quick to assume everything like the "jealousy assumption".  For example, that annoying troll in GRP Facebook kept asking me those "Are you jealous?" questions.  All I can say is that he really assumes everyone is jealous just because somebody voices out what's wrong with something.  For example, some people I know had criticized the butthurt incident at SM Mall of Asia involving One Direction fans.  As a person who believes in utility, I had voiced out MY STAND that the money bought at the VIP ticket would have been more useful in two ways.  One, it could have been more useful deposited as an investment.  Two, for leisure, one could have bought a laptop or PS4 with it and enjoy it for a longer period than a one hour concert.  Three, donating it to charity may have saved the lives of others.  To present one's views of what's wrong with something does not automatically mean I'm jealous.  To that IDIOT, he's the real stupid one because he thinks it's fun to troll others.  He's nothing more than an arrogant person who needs to be slammed back to reality.

They are also the type to hate everything foreign never mind that the Philippines was born out of foreign influence.  I wonder if these people even study about history and realize that the Pinoy descended from Indonesians, Malaysians, Chinese, Indian, Spanish and other settlers.  In short, like Singapore, the Philippines is a very multi-racial nation.  There are also some members of GRP Facebook that are FLIPFAGs or Pinoy pridists.  Some of them keep raising up issues like the Filipino in general being "oppressed", they miss the point on purpose for their convenience, they want to punch anyone who refuses to go with FLIPFAG culture, etc.  It's really annoying facing these people.  They always keep the same mindset of Migraine International with the victim card mentality.

These stupid FLIPFAGs have their assumption that just because somebody speaks the ills of the Philippines, it's immediately Anti-Pinoy or Anti-Filipino.  Some of these FLIPFAGs are Chinese hating never mind that the Filipino-Chinese are STILL their fellow Filipino.  They would try to get people to endorse any loser team of the Philippines.  They love to shove things down your throat like, "Support Pinoy only or else."  These ultranationalists are quick to blame anybody who isn't Pinoy never mind the Pinoy is just a subcategory of HUMAN.  They tend to blame Chinese for everything bad, they tend to blame Americans for this and that and ironically... at the end of the day after the protest, you might see them eating at Chowking or Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Oh the chilling irony isn't it?  Just because you like something imported does not make you a colonial mentalist.  Rather, it's when you prefer everything imported even when it's junk that makes you a colonial mentalist.

They love being point missers because of their mentality to get their victim card, whenever wherever.  Missing the point does not automatically mean you are stupid.  It just means you are a slow learner but given enough time, you will not miss the point more than you will miss it.  However, stupid people love to miss the point on purpose.  They don't read things in context, they take it out of context... and they do it because it's VERY CONVENIENT.  Miss the point?  It gives all that sense of comfort.  Like why purposely miss the point on an article that discusses the foolishness of a lot of Pinoys?  It's because these people WANT to keep their foolishness.  It's simple as that.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why FLIPFAGs love being the point missers in EVERY situation never mind how stupid the direction is.

They are also hypersensitive to the term Failipino.  Every time they see it, they purposely miss the point.  For one, they cannot tell the difference between the Filipino (in general) vs. the Failipino.  The Filipino is anybody who pledges allegiance to the Philippines.  The Pinoy is a category of Filipino or we can call them the "native Filipino".  Pinoys can be categorized as either good or bad.  The Failipino is a sub-category of Pinoy... the bad Pinoy that is.  Failipinos are always quick to assume that they are the greatest in the world.  Even when the sentence is "The Failipino is the enemy of the enlightened Pinoy." you can see a comment like, "You F*CKING MORON STUPID IDIOT GAGO!  Hindi yan Failipino, Filipino yan you anti-Filipino bastard!  Go back to China!" type of comment.

So if they hate GRP as a website or my "stupid" blog, why read it?  If they hate GRP and want to continue in their FLIFPAG culture, why join GRP Facebook in the first place?  Why don't they create their groups like "Pinoy Pride Forever", "Anti-Foreign Filipinos" and join those groups?  Why don't they create their own groups?  I can describe this stupidity as much as this.  Do you go to a Chinese restaurant to eat Filipino food?  Of course not, you go to a Filipino restaurant.  What they are doing is like going to a slum area and expecting to see a businessman live in the slums.  A businessman may not live in a luxurious mansion but he won't live in the slums.  It's also as stupid as expecting a male member in the girl scouts or a female member in the boy scouts.

I assume that they want to impress everyone with how "smart" they are.  However you want to know what makes a person smart?  It's not about IQ, fame or college degrees... but it's all about when one realizes they are just fallible humans.  I can have a high IQ, get high grades, be super rich but be "gago" because I'm being arrogant, selfish and impractical in spite of my broad spectrum of knowledge.  Arrogant people are stupid (even if they have a doctorate in something) because they assume they are smarter than everyone else.  They always think they are always right.  Smart people on the other hand are open-minded, rational, they admit they are wrong, they are willing to do right, they don't look down on others, they know how to avoid trouble unlike those stupid idiots who just want to look for a brawl.  Worse, those stupid people call the smart ones stupid because deep within, the real stupid people are those who think they are always right.

I can also assume aside from bragging of whatever intelligence they have, whether they have it or not, they are still gago no matter what.  Gago because they think they are always right and they have their self-importance and self-centeredness.  One can also assume that they are busy trolling people is because they may not even have a job.  They might be bums and society's losers.  One troll in GRP Facebook has admitted he has no high school degree.  Others are just plain frustrated losers.  They might have been berated by foreigners with the truth.  One cannot deny how gago or idiot should never be viewed at the spectrum of IQ or academic achievement but common sense.  You can go ahead and make a billion dollars but if you neglect your family and friends, you are still gago in spite of that achievement.  Besides, stupidity has so many spectrums and angles.  It's a trait that's inherent in EVERYONE and the battle against stupidity always starts with YOURSELF.  Unless you see yourself that there's the smart you vs. the stupid you, the stupid you is what will dominate you.

Their stupidity is always pictured with how they post comments.  Smart people usually talk civil even to people who are supposedly "stupid".  Like for example, a smart boss does not mistreat his/her employees just because he/she is more intelligent than they are.  A stupid boss on the other hand mistreats his/her employees just because he/she has built the company never mind without employees, he/she is nothing but a lone ranger.  One can see how stupidity can be shown in comments loaded with bad words, swearing, inappropriate language, any language that is NOT approved in the University or workplace setting.  Words like "sh*t" and "f*ck" are laced all over it. You can read words like, "You stupid d*mn f*cking m*r*n..." and the list can go on and on.  Anybody who uses inappropriate language is stupid because they know it's inappropriate BUT they do it.  The fact they resolve to violence and badmouthing instead of intelligent discussion only proves how stupid they are.  By saying they are smarter than everyone, that also proves how stupid they are.

Bragging about Pinoy pride also shows intense stupidity.  In fact, even Pinoy Pride is an idiotology that has ruined a lot of Pinoys.  Every enlightened Pinoy is a practical person who does not have that sense of pride.  It's time to give a good demonstration of Pinoy Pride stupidity.  You would NEVER let anything foreign help you even when you need it.  Like if you are doing business abroad, you should let their local services help you and hire their locals.  It's stupid to eat at a dirty carenderia over a Chinese restaurant just because... they want to be nationalistic.  Patronizing defective Pinoy products is stupidity, not patriotism.  So you'd eat at the dirty carenderia JUST BECAUSE you don't want to be tainted by foreign influence?  Then the next thing happens... you are destined to get REALLY SICK.  You can then start to avoid getting admitted in a hospital with foreigners.  Then the impracticality might be to go to an "albularyo".  These are the values those FLIPFAG trolls want to promote.

All I can say is these STUPID FLIPFAG trolls are just increasing the traffic of websites and blogs like this one and Get Real Philippines.  All their terrible, terrible comments just prove that they are nothing but a group of sore losers.  They are so stupid they refuse to see they are wrong.  The only cure for stupidity is HUMILITY, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, DILIGENCE AND RATIONALITY.  Otherwise, if you choose to believe you are smarter and better than everyone, then be ready to be forever called a GAGO.  Just a word of wisdom, "NEVER FEED THE TROLL!"