President Nobita Aquino's Administration: Straight Path or No Direction?!

During the time of President Nobita's campaign when he was a Senator, he started his "Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap" or "If there's no corrupt, there will be no poor people." campaign. Everybody voted for President Nobita in spite of the fact that like the cartoon Nobita, he is always sleeping on the job. No achievement, no whatsoever as a politician yet they voted him because of his family tree.

Let's take a look at the reality. You have the whole idea of necropolitics. So why did Cory get voted? It was because of Ninoy. Why did Nobita get voted? It's because of Ninoy and Cory. Again, you might think of the reality of the Benigno name holder.

Meanwhile, I sound like a broken record but it's needed to be put on notice. People also voted for Nobita because his real name is Benigno Simeon Cojuanco Aquino. People voted for Bum Aquino (who is apparently a sex pervert who hates the MTRCB) because his real name is Paolo Benigno Aguirre Aquino. Okay Bum looks closer to his late uncle he's never met, he is more intelligent than his brain dead cousin Nobita but come on... any supporter of Bum should credit him for credit due (and I think he's got a whole lot of supporters FROM JAV fans). It's a problem really that Aquinos are getting voted with or without achievement. Besides, people will gladly vote Kris Aquino into the presidency even if she's a whiny loser.

What do these people ignore? Did Nobita fight the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. during martial law? No! Was it him who led EDSA? It was his late mother Cory. So really, while his parents had some achievements, HE IS JUST FREE RIDING. Remember just because he is the son of Ninoy does not make him Ninoy. Plus, just because you related to a hero, does not make you a hero. Why can't they do some research and discover some bad kings were sons of good kings?!

One may consider the whole problem of President Nobita's administration. Let's list some things people are ignoring about President Nobita. We may think of this... and the reality is the Nobita Administration is a path towards No Direction!

First, President Nobita has not done anything to correct any mistakes in the 1987 Constitution.
All he is doing is simply continuing cronyism as his late father's also late rival. Remember the 1972 Constitution of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos had started economic protectionism. Today, even the Marcos cronies still benefit from it. Why is it that we still have Marcos cronies in the oligarchy? He may have even thought of his own late mother as one who makes no mistakes.

Second, President Nobita's failure to improve transportation especially the MRT

The MRT is now a metal death trap and when Grace Poe rode it, she had testified WHAT WENT WRONG. Unfortunately it's the attitude of the typical Filipino to ignore every problem because they don't want to snap out of their wrong notion of happiness. All he does is blame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Third, President Nobita is just playing vindictive

Playing vindictive is probably what Nobita is doing best. Why was he only targeting Gloria's henchmen? Of course, it's part of his blame Gloria game. So why are pork barrel politicians who aren't part of his party in jail while others like Franklin Drilon still in power? If he was really serious about his job, even his friends who are guilty should also go to jail. Yet last time, he even attended Money Villar's birthday.

Fourth, President Nobita appoints rotten eggs into power

One may question who appointed Kill Henares (Bureau of Internal Robbery Konsomisyoner), Jose A-Bad (responsible for DAP and PDAF), Jericho Pestiha (Secretary of the Department of Energy) Joseph Pabaya (transportation) and Stinky Soliman (Department of Social Welfare and Development) into power? Again, it's Nobita. One may consider mismanagement of funds and money which may undo any growth in the Philippines. You may also consider Ramon Benitez Jr. (Department of Tourism) and David Guerrero too... with their "It's More Fun in the PNoyPines" slogan.

Fifth, President Nobita discards the culture of accountability

Like I just mentioned... all he does is blame Gloria. Worse, he covers up his friends. To be honest, Stinky Soliman should have been fired for her grave misconduct. We may consider hat the cover up culture does not grant improvement. Only if we make people clean their mess can they improve for the better.

Which of course, we might ask WHO VOTED PRESIDENT NOBITA INTO POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Sad to say but the Philippines' persisting bad culture makes bad politics a cycle that's very hard to stop.