My Reaction To North Cebu Helping South Cebu

Although Cebu has its issues but it has learned to manage its issues.  The issues of Cebu Air Pacific may not be as severe as NAIA (but still needs to be addressed).  Now what's going in Cebu is that with the disasters such as Yolanda, Ruby and Seniang.... both parts of Cebu are helping each other as I've read from Sun Star yesterday.  What do I think?

I had some face-desk with the complaint addressed by Ronda, Cebu mayor Mariano Blanco III.  It was something to do with the DSWD (better known as the Department of Social Wreckage and Destruction thanks to Stinky Soliman) which I also read from Sunstar.  He said, "In my case, I failed to submit a request for help from DSWD because I am busy helping my constituents. Besides, our office supplies are all wet because of the flood. So, we are not given relief goods? What kind of welfare agency is DSWD?"

Moving on, how is it helping that North Cebu is helping South Cebu?  This kind of activity will foster team unity.  This will also help beat the dreaded crab mentality that brings the Philippines down.  In spite of issues the Philippines suffers from, Cebu continues to develop for the better.  It's nice to know that Medellin has recovered thanks to help.  They will try to extend help... this kind of spirit is what Imperial Manila lacks.

Looking at this incident, it's not hard to understand why Cebu is a tourism hub and a business hub.  The way Cebu has progressed has allowed itself to become nominated as a wonder city last 2012.  Although it hasn't won its award, continuous effort with make Cebu shine against Imperial Manila.  One may consider how Cebu has developed by itself over the years.  All I can say is, Imperial Manila should stop getting jealous and start working to develop itself for the better rather than stick to its sore loser culture.