Failipinos Can't Expect To Bring Progress For Their Country IF They Refuse To Follow Even Simple Guidelines

Simple problems like these go a LOOOOOOONG WAY!

The problem is never the inability to follow rules but refusal to follow rules. Sad to say but David Guerrero's campaign "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is creating a culture of dysfunction. One has to consider what really is wrong with the Philippines are Pinoys who refuse to follow simple guidelines. Such Pinoys are classified as Failipinos, not the enlightened Filipino who is fighting for a better Philippines. I know there will be point missers here and they do it on purpose. Again, the target here are not Filipinos in general but the Failipino, the bad citizen of the Philippines who is hypocritical, lazy, arrogant, self-centered, racist and a self-contradictory individual. In short, I know a lot of people are point missers ON PURPOSE.

The problem can start because you don't follow guidelines. Guidelines are an important part of life. Obedience and submission to authority are as important as discerning commands. Simple guidelines teach us to live in harmony. One may consider the reason for the rules. A no smoking sign is applicable because it's either an air-conditioned area (which causes trouble to guests) OR places where flammables are around. Rules are set in the workplace because we want peace and order. Deadlines are set to make sure things are done on time. All these simple guidelines help us to live in harmony with each other.

There's the statement, "If you cannot be entrusted with little, you cannot be entrusted with much." Responsibility starts with small things. Children must be taught the value of accountability and responsibility. While we must discard perfectionism, we must still teach them the culture of accountability. Sad to say but Failipino culture also chooses to get rid of accountability by covering up offenses to condoning the offenses of fellow Pinoysjust because they are fellow countrymen. If Failipinos continue to love their status as "Failipino" by refusing to teach accountability and do the cover-up culture, how can progress happen? Cover-up culture is prevalent among relatives, friends and countrymen which hinders progress for the whole nation.

Remember not all problems can be left at home. While whatever happens at home should be left at home, but Failipino family values teaches the value of cover-up culture. I could always say, "Just where are these kids' parents?" It's more often than not I see children doing dangerous stunts on jeepneys. I could see children who steal stuff. It can also reach the school grounds where parents cover up the offenses of their children. Instead of analyzing the situation, they immediately accuse the teacher of being unjust even when their child was guilty. They refuse to take a look at the situation. More often than not, the cover up culture in the elementary to high school environment will cause major problems as the child goes to college, then the real world.

It teaches the wrong value of cover up for your relatives, friends and countrymen which is JUST PLAIN WRONG. There's the statement, "You mess it up, you clean it up. You do the crime, you do the time." But that statement hardly exists in the Failipino vocabulary. For them, they take the joy in breaking guidelines. For them, following rules is a boring, boring thing. I could remember some crazy Murican (who wants to move to the Philippines) who said, "If I had to follow all those rules, I would kill myself." He blames Singapores's suicide rates to its strict policies. He thinks life is worth living in the Philippines because of people who stand by their guilty countrymen. Not surprisingly, that same Murican even said, "I'd rather trust criminals than cops." Sorry if I had to bring him up but his admiration of Failipino culture is very "commendable" for being willful stupidity at its finest. In return, some of them even borrow tons of money not just for their willfully extravagant spending but also to bail up their relatives, friends and/or countryman who has broken the law.

The issue of not following guidelines is never left in the Philippines or anywhere else around the world. It made me think of situations why OFWs tend to get in trouble with other countries. For simple cases, one may consider why a Filipino-only bus was proposed because some OFWs DO NOT comply with the guidelines of being silent in the bus. They are so used to having it when they were riding jeepneys in the Philippines. You may hear of Failipinos who actually just litter their garbage anywhere, don't flush the toilet after using it, play loud music in public and make picnics everywhere in Singapore... to the point decent Pinoys working/living in Singapore don't want to acknowledge them as countrymen. Some Singaporean Pinoys don't even want to be affiliated as Filipino. Their culture of not following simple guidelines has them thinking that the world must adjust to them. In short, whether or not they came from rich families or not is irrelevant. The issue is they are spoiled brats thanks to the culture of cover up.

I would love to bring up the issues why are other countries better than the Philippines? Everything is rooted with ideals and thinking. Why are countries like China, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan progressive? It's because their people follow simple guidelines. Simple guidelines like throwing garbage to the proper place, flushing the toilet after use, not using the public place as your toilet, being considerate, falling in line, doing your work properly brings progress. Singapore's being a "fine city" has even allowed a conned Vietnamese tourist to go home safe and sound. Japan's orderly system has made Japan progress for some time. Progress happens because one can follow simple guidelines, it becomes easier to lead people towards progress. Strict implementation of punishment also helps make a place more orderly.

Meanwhile, one may think of the Philippines as a whole. Sad to say but only a few places in the Philippines had developed because of a strict implementation of rules and people who can follow guidelines. Instead, many choose to use David Guerrero's ghastly slogan for their own selfish reasons. Like we can have many "(Insert Offense)", It's More Fun in the Philippines" imagined up. Indeed, it's more fun for Failipinos in the Philippines because guidelines aren't strictly implemented. Sad to say but the misguided notion of happiness won't make it more fun in the Philippines in the long run. Instead, it brings about more crimes and disorder which in turn reduces foreign investment, tourism and local businesses.

Plus, do people even realize the consequences of NOT FOLLOWING RULES?! Like let's just think of safety as well. Crossing a pedestrian lane while the cars are running is dangerous. Going forward while the traffic light is red may lead to a lifetime of regret or even death. Speeding beyond allowable limit is a surefire recipe for accidents. Throwing your garbage everywhere not only makes the place dirty, it also clogs up sewage leading to floods. Not complying the smoke belching regulations can create a lot of air pollution. Smoking near flammable materials can cause explosion. Peeing and pooing everywhere is not only smelly but it also spreads a generous amount of harmful bacteria and diseases. Not paying rent not only gets you kicked out, your landlord may even blotter you as untrustworthy. Not following rules in the workplace may not only get you fired, you will have a hard time finding a job because some bosses can be pretty ruthless. The list can go on and on... yet many Pinoys still deluded to believe David Guerrero's awfully stupid "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign hence they become Failipinos.


  1. Are we sure that we would have authoritarian rule? Don't confuse with authoritaritive ones.


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