A Lot of Pinoys Are Treating Entertainment As a Need, Not As A Want!

President BS Aquino managed to find time out of his 'busy' schedule to grace the 'royal' occasion.
With Dingdong and Marian tying the knots, one can see how the whole affair was treated like royalty. Some roads were closed for the whole day. Nothing would be wrong for them to have a high class wedding but the flaunting thing can get annoying. Worse, one can see that President Nobita is indeed a microcosm of what's wrong with a lot of Pinoys. He should have gone to Tacloban and other areas hit by Seniang and Yolanda that are still under rehabilitation. Instead, he chose to go to that star-studded wedding which makes me think, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE THINKING?! The typical Pinoy culture tends to focus too much on entertainment than on things that matter.

Some may say "It's just a phase." but if the phase isn't treated right, then we certainly would get this going when the teenagers reach adulthood. It's really something when issues like tuition fee hikes, floods, etc. hardly matter and then when One Direction's VIP tickets are consumed, then chaos ensues. It's one thing to be a fan of One Direction but it's another to become overly obsessed with it. One person even said that now she's gotten the One Direction VIP ticket, she can die already. Sad to say that is very shallow thinking. She has taken her fandom of One Direction to a very unhealthy level. Some of them may have forgotten that One Direction DOES NOT even know them!

If you think the problem is "just a phase", think again because it can enter into the head of a physically grown human. Well I don't know what's in her head but during the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno event, you thought she had a day off. The reality was she filed a sick leave to attend the event. Then she brags about it on public media. What in the world is the person thinking? Sad to say but to file a fake sick leave is totally uncalled for. It may have even resulted to her losing her job. Hopefully not but she deserves admonition for what she did. Well she's just a minor issue compared to what President Nobita did. If I am to return to the One Direction ticket line, sad to say but some parents were showing immaturity there too. One parent even dared to throw a tantrum IN FRONT OF NATIONAL TELEVISION because the One Direction VIP tickets were sold out. Also, it makes me think, sheesh I can understand teenagers but PARENTS TOO?! That proves that it's not "just a phase", it's a phase that needs to be corrected before it worsens.

It's okay to buy a ticket or attend a fan event, just make sure you DO NOT have any obligations as of the moment. Like, if you're done passing your projects, you have no school, day off, saved more than enough money, etc. then fine. Just don't put entertainment as a need, put it as a want. Remember important news like politics, war and economy are the daily vegetables, meat and carbohydrates. Entertainment should be treated as dessert. Nothing is wrong with eating ice cream or chocolates, just make sure you have had a healthy meal and you aren't eating too much of them!