Who is to Blame for Bad Politics in the Philippines?

Guess who put these bozos in power in the first place?!

One may consider the cycle of the Philippines of bad politics one way or another. Let's think about history and what has happened. Remember the Philippines lives under the rule of democracy or majority wins. Sad to say but the typical Pinoy culture is more prevalent than the enlightened Pinoy culture. Pinoys are at civil war because they are divided among Failipinos and the enlightened Pinoy. The answer is obvious... it's the people.

Sherap and Nobita.... one idiot after another!

What is wrong with Pinoy politics? It's the problem of having winnability over credibility. People are always voting for people because of popularity, not credibility. The whole issue has led for incompetency and political dynasties in the Philippine government. This leads us to have two classic examples... Sherap Estrada and President Nobita Aquino.

Why did Sherap win? While I do credit his experience in politics as a mayor, senator and vice president but his office as vice president was really marred. He was caught gambling and two, he has a lot of vices. However they voted for him just because he was popular. It was even stupid to allow him to run again because of all the scandals he had during his administration. He should have been impeached for jueteng. Then the problem also continues with the Estrada political dynasty as Sherap's children are mostly in power. Also, Unggoy Estrada is one prime example of winning not out of credibility (though he is smarter than his dad) BUT winnability because he is an Estrada.

The other example was last 2010. Why did President Nobita win? As a Senator, President Nobita was like the cartoon Nobita... he's always sleeping. It doesn't really help the situation his late mother looks like cartoon Nobita's mother. So what was the reason behind his win? Again, it's all bordered on WINNABILITY. President Nobita won just because his real name is Benigno Simeon (B.S.) Cojuangco Aquino. Then they all want him to get a second term, never mind that Cory DID NOT include second term in the otherwise needs to be revised 1987 Constitution.

Now it's time to trace the problem even further. So why did the people vote for Sherap and Nobita? Let's give an illustration. Now let's examine Pinoy pride which stems all the way from beliefs. Pinoy Pride is a result of the beliefs that was passed through as a system, that belief teaches that Pinoys are always the best. Likewise, the problem of why Sherap and Nobita got into power is again... beliefs. It's traced back to what's going on with the education system and culture.

Sad to say but the Philippine education system is more book-based than practicality based. A lot of DepEd or DupeEd textbooks are filled with errors, they are all haphazardly done and can be easily refuted by textbooks written by credible authors. DupeEd public schools are also incompetent... and perhaps why the government does not want to improve education is because, if people get really educated beyond the mediocre system, they will vote wisely. Values like Pinoy pride are taught in schools and the problems of the nation are hardly addressed. Bad education produces bad graduates. Failipino culture loves this "easy education" system never mind its consequences.

Another problem is the desire for aneternal state of bliss. Instead of trying to solve the problems with a positive mindset, the positive mindset mantra is taken to a wrong direction. It's just like how some people in Imperial Manila choose to treat floods as a fun event rather than a problem that needs to be solved. It's sickening to see how a person gets a lot of failing marks in their transcript of records BUT they just laugh at it. Remember it's important to have a positive mindset but hard work must always accompany it.

The desire to be in an eternal state of bliss allows politicians to make all the "bola" or flattery. They can make empty campaign promises all the want like, "If I were the President, I will give you all a welfare state." Politicians can always pretend to be good, have a "squeaky clean" image, carefully plotted like giving to the poor people certain valuables during the election periods. Then it comes with the culture of mediocrity. They just want to have a good time and politicians take advantage of that fact to win. Again, this goes to the people.

Plus we can trace the problem the 2010 slogan by David Guerrero during the reign of President Nobita. Sloganeering DOES NOT change the truth about the Philippines. As said, a positive mindset is not the only thing that would make the Philippines move forward. It requires hard work but the whole slogan above with its lie, "This is not a campaign, it's the truth." has become the reason why people ignore the problems of the Philippines. This was resulted to a culture of impunity or exemption from punishment. Just think how many times is it that injustice happens? Also, it has become a stupid reason to purposely commit violations because "It's More Fun in the Philippines". That culture of impunity is continuously causing problems.

On the other hand, why are some areas of the Philippines progressive? It's because they have gotten away from the culture of incompetence and impunity to a culture of competence and accountability. Just think... why are tourism and investment strong in areas like Cebu, Bohol and Bacolod? Competent people vote for competent people into power. Now only if the Philippines can get a real cultural revolution to get rid of Failipino culture in exchange for the enlightened Filipino culture.