The Slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" Won't Solve Anything!

This is laughable to ANYBODY who knows the truth!

It's a known fact that last 2010, David Guerrero. of the BBDO Guerrero made the slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines."  But really?  How is it more fun in the Philippines?  One can say, "Hey that's catching marketing."  While the propaganda is catchy, however it can also backfire severely because truth matters over taglines.  One might think of what the Philippines really needs to be concerned about because the product may be given too much marketing without any credility whatsover.

The problem of the slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is how it has become a propaganda rather than an objective.  When you think of it, the tourism slogan is very misleading to hide problems that need to be solved in the Philippines.  I don't deny that some parts of the Philippines are progressive but its capital, Metro Manila has a LOT of issues to deal with.

Here's the REAL stupidity of the situation.  Life will always have its ups and downs.  Today you may get promoted as manager but tomorrow, you may have to face a LOT of insubordination from people who don't follow rules.  Being manager may mean you will pull your hair off because a certain someone isn't following rules.  Likewise, the Philippines is never spared from problems itself.  The tagline has gotten out of place because it's not even in place.  If you think that it's always more fun in the Philippines, that's where you are indeed DEAD WRONG!

In life, you CANNOT run away from your problems.  Problems follow you anywhere and the Philippines is no exception.  The problem is that the typical Pinoy (or Failipino) believes in only having fun.  You might want to think how often Failipinos claim they can make lemonade out of bad lemons.  Bad lemons give you bad lemonade, period.  It's stupid how I see Failipinos who don't know the meaning of the word serious.  From selfies in disaster places to swimming in dirty flood water, the list can go on with whatever stupidity we have to face.  A positive living attitude means facing problems like a man, not treating them like they are not an issue or running away from them.

The idea of being in an eternal state of bliss won't do anything either.  Like it or not, the concert ends when it has to end.  A fiesta ends when it has to end.  Work will come after leisure.  If we are to expect to make a celebration successful, work is needed.  You cannot just doze, sleep all day and expect a delicious feast everyday!  Every delicious food in a feast requires HARD WORK.  Sad to say but the Failipino rejects work while the enlightened Filipino accepts it.  Every good Pinoy begs to differ from the typical Pinoy when it comes to the idea of an eternal state of bliss.

That was really the problem when the Failipino is forced to face a problem or sees a problem.  Some of them even laughed at the Rolando Mendoza Incident like it was nothing (Think of President Nobita).  Some of them even made selfies and picture taking at the same site where the crime happened.  That was really showing how they are disillusioned.  Like drug addicts who smoke on weed or inhale cocaine, they choose to ignore the reality of the situation.  They only want to be happy without realizing that their obsession with "happiness" isn't going anywhere.  How can they still be happy when life is already too down in the dumps?  Tell me then, how can they continue to have merrymaking if all they have is but food from the garbage can to eat?  Simple logic really tells us that the slogan isn't solving anything at all, and that it must be made into an objective and a reality that the Philippines will emerge for the better.

The idea of making sacrifices must be embraced.  Sometimes, you have to let go of your fun to do some work.  Investors place money in accounts like Unit Investments (which provide capital/dividend income and is sold at a secondary market), Treasury Bills (fixed interest for 10 or more years, it becomes a form of loan in the money market and purchases become more money for the investor and debt for the purchaser) and Time Deposits (savings with compounded interest) to earn more money... and just forget about the double your money in five years because do the Math, it's stupid!  To make one's properties livable, hard work is necessary to improve the living conditions.  To make food delicious, meticulous care must be given in food preparation.  A life without challenges creates bland food... it's like food without spice.  Spices may not be pleasant at first but it adds way more flavor than food without spices.

One may consider why some areas of the Philippines are progressive.  It's because they aim to make it more fun in the Philippines than delude themselves that it's more fun in the Philippines.  Progressive areas in the Philippines were crime is low, where investments are high and where working conditions are good don't have much of the fear of having to become OFWs.  They choose to differ from the bad values that make up a Failipino in exchange for values that make up the good Filipino.  It's really time to think "How can I make it more fun in the Philippines?" than "Yay!  It's more fun in the Philippines!"