The Mentality That Floods Are More Fun In The Philippines Is STUPID!

While some areas of the Philippines are serious with its fights against floods, it's a sad thing that Manila looks like it's just ignoring the situation. Some people like the ones above just want to have fun, thinks floods are fun and well... no one can deny the severity of floods. Anybody who remembers the Ormoc flashfloods can see the disaster that was brought by flooding.

Looking at this picture, one can see that the flood is NOT a laughing matter. Those kids in the topmost picture should be taught a lesson in seriousness. Also the government should realize the damage floods could do. One needs to think of the consequences of flooding.

So why are floods really NOT more fun in the Philippines nor anywhere else around the world? Just think of EVERY consequence I am listing below. This one should really be a major concern to improve tourism and investment in the Philippines!

Flooding brings about every disease

Forget about advertising that it's more fun in the Philippines when floods are a reality. Remember that street floods contain SEWAGE water. Sewers is where waste water comes from. The flood season means carrying of deadly diseases along with the water. Diseases like poisoning from rat waste can easily be transmitted by water. Remember when swimming, water can enter not just by the mouth but by every

Flooding is disruptive to daily businesses

Whenever there's a flood, think can the supply chain work? From the raw materials to the finished products, TRANSPORTATION is involved. It's very difficult to maneuver vehicles in the flood waters, you might even get your supplies destroyed. Take for example the production of rice grains - you need the raw paddy but it got ruined by polluted flood water or you need to deliver sacks of rice to restaurants, they were all destroyed by flood water. Still more fun to have flood huh?

Flooding can also disrupt tourism

No matter how you try to sugar coat it, tourism is also affected by flooding. Why do less flood prone areas of the Philippines get more visitors than the more flood prone areas? Simple... you wants to spend a vacation in a flooded area or a non-flood area? Just think Cebu's being less prone to floods aside from peace and order makes it an ideal place to be. Some countries are fortunate to get direct flights to Cebu without having to pass through Manila (ex. Singapore).

Floods are life-threatening

Whenever you read a news related to a storm, what happens? There are also people who die in the FLOOD. Sure it seems fun to swim in flood waters but remember, you can have kids dying. You might have the pain of losing your pet but losing your kids is much more painful. You may lose your loved ones in the flood. Floods are life threatening and cannot be taken lightly.