Ten Street Acts That Need to Be Dealt With Swiftly and Accordingly to Help Increase Tourism in the Philippines!

It's important for the Failipino to stop being one and start being the enlightened Pinoy.  What acts do I say need to be gotten rid off?  I was thinking of following Singapore's style of FINING every act below and that way, the Philippines can improve for the better.  

Here's some of them I can really name to help improve the country's tourism and to make it more fun in the Philippines:

no spitting
1.) Spitting anytime, anywhere

It's a bad habit that is cultivated by a lot of Failipinos.  Any decent-minded Pinoy would know that saliva contains a lot of germs.  If you have to spit, spit at the soil or anywhere that's not on the street.  Spit at the right places like the bathrooms and the like.  This is not an act of nationalism but of hatred for one's society and country.  

smoking in the philippines
2.) Smoking in inappropriate places

Public smoking is a nuisance.  Remember second hand smoke can help the spread of cancer and it passes every disease.  Remember there are designated places to smoke so use those designated places.  Cigarette vendors must not be allowed just everywhere.

jeepney in cebu
3.) Public utility vehicles racing against other vehicles

One can consider the difference of public utility vehicles in developed countries vs. developing and underdeveloped.  In the Philippines being a developing country with some developed areas and other non-developed areas, this is a common practice.  It really gets annoying to be driving then public vehicles try to race you, as if it's a racing tournament.  Such a practice has caused much cause frustration and worse, road accidents.

no jaywalking
4.) Jaywalking on purpose

While some people end up jaywalking because they are in a hurry, stressed or worse the need to go to the toilet, some people are just too defiant.  As I said, I met some people who jaywalked to anger the traffic enforcer.  Remember there is a pedestrian lane, there is a pedestrian light and some areas have an overpass. Anti-jaywalking rules help enforce safety.

5.) Indiscriminate honking

It's an issue in the Philippines to have indiscriminate honking.  Sometimes even when the sign "NO HONKING" is placed near a school or a church, many somehow take delight in doing it.  I can understand if one honked because a pedestrian was there... but come on, honking for honking's sake?!

habal-habal transportation
6.) Bad motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety can be more fun in the Philippines if people follow rules.  It's something to overload one's motorcycle which is very dangerous, another to go motorcycling without a helmet.  Why should the helmet law be enforced?  It will lessen the chances of head accidents.  I really hate to think how people just ignore motorcycle safety rules a lot.

overloading in jeepneys
7.) Overloading vehicles

It's something to see how jeepneys in the Philippines have people OVERLOADING it.  There should be rules against overloading and a penalty accompanied by it.  Overloading means to go against the maximum weight or passengers allowed.  This is a dangerous practice not only to the passengers but also to people around them.  The heavier the weight, the most likely a big accident occurs.

traffic light in the philippines
8.) Disregard of road signs and traffic lights while driving on purpose

Newbies may get penalized for wrong turns but some people do it on purpose.  The sign is already there... the rules are there.  But what do they do?  Even after being issued a ticket SEVERAL TIMES they consider it a fun activity to PURPOSELY break the rules.  They even quarrel with traffic enforcers.  

peeing everywhere
9.) Pooing and peeing anywhere

I know this is disgusting so I won't elaborate it.  The problem is that some people have their habit of pooing and peeing anywhere in spite of the signs.  The sign "No Urinating Here" is purposely disregarded.  Some of them just do it for fun.  I really would say such practices would really contribute to the spread of germs.

10.) Improper garbage disposal

It's a habit that really should be gotten rid of.  Some of them say it's cool to litter never mind the nuisance it causes to every decent person.  Garbage rots and it carries diseases.  Youc an also think it's another major flood contributor as well.