My Reaction Towards "Emergency Powers" for President Nobita

Emergency powers... it's more fun in the Philippines!

One of the biggest issues of Luzon is its power shortage.  Now we can understand the challenge of size and being an archipelago.  However there is another problem they all keep failing to deal with.  It's the words "oligarchy" and "monopoly".  What is worse, according to Sun Star News is that the House approves of emergency powers for President Nobita.

Like it or not but this Photoshop from So What's News satirical website.  Meralco is a monopoly in Luzon.  Now what happens in a monopoly?  Monopoly means one supplier, many buyers.  Without competition, it shows no need to be competitive.  Unfortunately, economic protectionism is a real problem that people face.  It may protect local businesses but it also encourages mediocrity, bad services, fails to generate more employment and you can name it.

One may also blame Mr. Jericho Petilla or better called Mr. Jericho Pesteha for his late actions.  Lito Atienza as much as I don't agree with his entertainment protectionism however cited some issues worth tackling.  It's all about power house management... how are they managing the power houses in the first place?!  He is also right in blasting Reynaldo Umali for always blaming consumers.  Urgent action was needed.  Why did they not act on it?  Wow, it amazes me how their love for being late is really a trait that brings the Philippines down.

Logic here is this on Economics 101.  I don't need a doctorate or masteral in economics to understand the reality of the situation.  The Philippines being a tropical country and being bigger than Singapore means higher consumption.  I can't even think why Jericho Pestiha would even tell people not to use airconditioner on noon break... and he says Japan and China does that.  Has it even occurred to him that the Philippines is a warm climate country?!  To reduce prices, means to increase supply so demand can be filled.  I wonder where did Nobita's degree in economics go to?  Blame Gloria Arroyo again?!

Worse, I can't even forget around 2010, President Nobita said the darnest thing like, "What can solar power do if there is no sun?  What can wind power do if there is no wind?"  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how that works.  I mean as early as elementary, children are taught the basic power sources.  Wind power and solar power are stored in batteries for later use.  I cannot deny that the guy is really brain-dead.

On the other hand, I personally think President Nobita needs emergency powers not on paper but for his BRAIN.  Yes, it's time to send some electric shocks to his brain because he's basically a brain dead president!