My Reaction to Filinvest Opening Cyberzone Tower 1 in Cebu City

So we have his honor Mayor Michael Rama at the center and at his left, Governor Hilario Davide II at the soft opening of Cyberzone Tower 1.  You can read the story here at the Sunstar Website.  This is done by Filinvest Land Incorporated.  

Here's some important facts that show Cebu is booming accompanied by my opinions:

The projection of generating 100,000 jobs by 2020.  This ten story tower will be operational by next year

It would be good news to operate 100,000 jobs for Cebu by 2020.  Although results will not be instantaneous but one can see that when a city is worth investing, jobs will be created.  This will be a good continuation of Cebu being a job provider.  With Cebu's emerging market, the rest of the Philippines should try to open up the economy, set peace and order right and think.. lesser and lesser Filipinos will need to go abroad in search for jobs.

There is a high trust with Cebu Province and its governor

Trust is an important keyword you cannot do without.  FLI General Manager Alan Alfon's statement of trusting Cebu province and its governor is one proof that Cebu is indeed a business capital if not the business capital of the Philippines.

The agreed share of revenue of PHP 500,000.00 as its share of revenue or two percent of monthly revenues (whichever is higher) from FLI will be paid to Capitol. 

Having shares in the money with Cebu Province will be helpful.  This way, Cebu can have more money to develop its resources.  That means, it would be time to continue innovating Cebu for the better.  An increase of revenue for Cebu Province will also mean, more money to improve Cebu's economy.

Over the past years, FLI has invested more than PHP 30 Billion in Cebu for residential and hotel projects

If Cebu was not booming with tourism and business, they wouldn't even bother spending that huge money on the province.  Clearly, Cebu must continue to innovate to increase investment and become a model for a better Philippines.