My Reaction to Cebu City Sending Help to Eastern Samar

I have read from Sun Star that Cebu City just sent a team to help Eastern Samar recover from Typhoon Ruby.  Now let me share my thoughts.  It's nice to know Cebu City sent help for Yolanda not just last year but also this year.  Some local Cebuano non-government charities also helped and City Hall is lending a helping hand, something that the Nobitacratic government has failed to do.

So what is CCDRRMC doing?  It's sending its team of electricians, carpenters, tree cutters, traffic enforcers and other personnel.  It also will clear out fallen trees, repair classrooms and hand over relief goods, none from Corazon "Stinky" Soliman.  They will also show films on disaster awareness to educate the people.  It's a good thing they are taking the initiative without waiting for Imperial Manila's mandate.  It's a good thing that Cebu City is trying to model itself to become a model for Philippine development.  What is better is that they are willing to send more people there.

What Cebu is doing is what Manila keeps failing to do.  Only if Manila will really take its work seriously, tourism and investment will increase.  Cebu City is thriving in spite of all the hardships that it suffered all those years.  Hopefully Cebu will continue in its quest for development.


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