Lesson from Bongbong's Pasalubong: Before Greatness Comes Meekness!

A lot of Pinoys can learn from this Pinoy I can definitely be proud of because he shows that the Pinoy is not a hopeless case.  This man is known as Reynaldo Villan who is nicknamed "Bongbong".  He was an assistant baker, he was willing to do the job of a baker.  For the Failipino, being a servant is a lowly job but this Pinoy thought differently.  He was very diligent in his work that he became the chief baker.  His hard work paid off there but it wasn't the end of his story.

So what did Bongbong do?  After two years of hard work as a chief baker, he got a recipe for Piaya.  He worked hard with his wife to make that outstanding Piaya.  It was all starting as a home-based business but with dedication and hard work, Bongbong's Piaya became a famous delicacy.  In fact, it deserves the name "Bacolod's Finest Delicacy" not just as a tagline but also as a testimonial to whoever ate his products.  As a patron, I say I've even one Piaya after the other, but Bongbong's is the best and it's because of his hard work.  Hard work not being Pinoy made is the reason why their Piaya is very delicious.

How did the hard work pay off?  Just think... Bongbong's name is associated with piaya and pasalubong (take home gift).  Tourists would fly over to Bacolod and later to other branches nationwide just to get that great tasting Piaya.  Just think... the baker-entrepreneur had awards for entrepreneurship, workplace award and many more.  Pinoys like him are indeed worth the patronization and a role model for quality.

What can be learned from here?  Simple... there is no shortcut to greatness.  While not everyone will be destined for greatness, but meekness and hard work can come a long way.  Even if not all Pinoys will be entrepreneurs but think, all Pinoys can be outstanding workers.  Even if not all of them will be rich, but they can definitely be living well if they have meekness and hard work.  Still, the lesson here is that greatness must be earned, not something that is already implanted into one's racial blueprints.