Filipinos Shouldn't Make Fun of Typhoons!

If Japan always has the major problem of facing earthquakes and tsunamis (which is brought by earthquakes), the Philippines has the major problem of facing typhoons.  The difference is Japan is ready, much of the Philippines isn't ready.  Now it's time to remember some of the worst typhoons that hit the Philippines.  If Japan shouldn't make fun of earthquakes (it doesn't) then the Philippines must take the problems of typhoons seriously in order to move forward even more.

Looking back at Typhoon Ruping last 1990, it happened during the Cory Administration.  What can be remembered?  During that time, it was a serious super typhoon that caused a lot of damage.  It was really a LONG time with no electricity, slow businesses and thanks to the Cory Administration's incompetency.  Can you imagine it was really NO ELECTRICITY FOR SOME TIME?  Businesses were slow, everything was really undealt with.  You cannot deny how unpreparedness really allowed Ruping to cause much damage.

Last year, there was also Typhoon Yolanda.  You cannot deny it was a really disastrous thing.  Tacloban's incompetence and non-readiness led to so much disasters.  The pictures of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban is not a pretty picture.  I cannot deny how the damage was really not a pretty sight.  Worse, neglect from the national Philippine made every last attempt to rehabilitate areas affected by Yolanda.  One cannot deny that Yolanda is a huge blow.  The state of being unprepared worsened the effects of the typhoons.

The issue of Imperial Manila is now unprepared they are for typhoons.  Typhoons cause damage of property, homes, floods and even deaths.  The effects of a typhoon when they are not met by precaution can be very devastating.  It doesn't take a rocket genius to figure out that being hit by 220 km/hour wind is not a joke.  It's a serious matter when typhoons hit the country.

What effects do being unprepared for typhoons have to bring?  Common sense really to what destruction of properties and floods can bring.  A severe slow down of business equals low revenue for the country.  Is it possible to operate a business these days without a standard personal computer?  What if all the files are lost?  What if projects are destroyed?  If workers of all types lose their homes and loved ones, it can lower down morale in businesses. Workers who lose their homes and loved ones can be severely demoralized... how would you want to run from place to another without a house to live?  How would you like to see your loved ones lost and you had to do work?  It's not easy, isn't it?

Sad to say but some people everything is just fun time, never mind you can't have fun all the time.  If they think of typhoons as good times rather than bad times to endure and overcome, they are nuts.  Like, how shallow can their happiness be?  Luckily some Filipinos are getting out of their state of being Failipino, getting aware with what needs to be done... and some provinces in the Philippines are fortunately dedicated to typhoon disaster awareness.  Still, a shame that the national government is stuck with its mediocrity instead of doing something about it... evidenced by Imperial Manila's flood plagues.