Colonial Mentality is Just Another Poor Excuse to Cover Up Pinoy Incompetence

Colonial mentality is bad no questions asked. On the other hand, its opposite extreme called ethnocentrism is also just as bad. In free trade policy, I buy your wares, you buy mine. It's like I am selling ampao and in exchange, I also buy Japanese rice crackers to thank the guy for buying my ampao. It's the cycle of give and time. Nobody gives, there's nothing to take. Nobody takes, there's nothing to give. It's a cycle you must respect. The enlightened Pinoy understands give and take, the Failipino doesn't.

However Failipino culture is always bordered on INCOMPETENCE. The "pwede na yan" or "that will do" mentality has been prevalent even before President Nobita Aquino's regime. It's the culture of mediocrity that has led to an influx of bad Pinoy products. Instead of quality Pinoy products, you have a huge influx of Failipino products. Products that are so bad it's bad for both local and international. So what's going on?

By now OPM artists and Failipino producers have cried too much!

Looking back at the One Direction ticket line incident (which I could care less) that had a very long line just to get that ticket, I haven't seen any OPM line that long. Another incident worth mentioning is the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno incident which had a line also that long just for a premiere night and no Pinoy movie got a line that long. It made me think, "Is Pinoy entertainment mostly Failipino entertainment?"

Hehehehehe... nobody did this for Piolo!

I've never heard anyone file a sick leave from work to attend a press conference for Piolo Pascual. But when Takeru Sato came to town, I guess a lot of people already camped near SM Mandaluyong anticipating the big event. Hehehehe... I wish the incident happened at the SM Mall of Asia as well. I couldn't help but want to poke fun at Pinoy pridists. Maybe I should have bought a ticket to One Direction, then again I'd rather buy anything I can bring home and I'm not a fan of One Direction either.

Bacolod and Cebu... two great tourist spots!

Now I would say there are good services in the Philippines. Bongbong's baked goods is a hit to locals and tourists. Cebu has a lot of establishments that serve quality Filipino food to everyone, both locals and tourists. Tourists go to Cebu to buy fresh dried fish and mangoes. Anthony Bourdain a FOREIGNER loves Cebu's lechon. These are all good for investment, no questions asked. They will help boost tourism, no questions asked.

However the problem already comes when one becomes the ultranationalist Failipino. For that ultranationalist Failipino or Pinoy pridist, it's always, "No matter what, I will only partake in what is Pinoy even if it's bad." So how does this mindset operate? For the Failipinos, their culture is the best. They have misplaced nationalism. Nationalism is love for country but theirs is misplaced. They probably dream of an isolationist state, they think the Philippines is only for Pinoys and that Pinoys are the greatest in the world. You cannot deny how stupid their views really are. Go ahead and punch me, the truth cannot be changed.

Would you eat at a Failipino dirty carenderia or at a clean foreign-owned restaurant? Would you drink bad quality coffee mixed with sewage water or would you drink coffee at Starbucks? In my case, anything of high quality matters local or imported. The viewpoint is just as bad as colonial mentality. Colonial mentality rejects everything local as bad, everything imported as good even when its garbage. Pinoy pride ethnocentrism is no doubt the opposite extreme. Then when their incompetence eats them up, they blame colonial mentality even if their competent rivals were fellow Filipinos. Such people are "gago" or "idiot" because no matter how intelligent you are, you are definitely "gago" when you refuse to use your common sense and admit you are wrong. You can accomplish a lot academically or maybe even financially but when your common sense is absent, you are in the state of being "gago". Enlightened Pinoys on the other hand use their common sense even among those who considered dumb.

For the Failipino, they would take in anything Pinoy even if it's bad or good because it's their view of nationalism. They think anything foreign is bad NEVER MIND that the Philippines was born out of foreign influence. For the record, do they even know that the country was named after a SPANISH KING named Philip II?! Do they know that chocolate bars were introduced by the Americans? Do you know that some Filipino made products are made from imported brands as a result of joint venture companies? Think come on, think!

Again, colonial mentality is not when you like anything foreign. There's nothing wrong with watching quality films from abroad vs. those crappy Failipino movies. There's nothing wrong with liking food born out of foreign influence. When you think about it, the world is now an open market. The Philippines should avoid the tragedy that hits nations worse than it. It's time to realize that without foreign investments and foreign influence, the Philippines would have been in the same level as countries like Somalia and Bangladesh.