Being Hostage - It's NOT More Fun in the Philippines!

Definitely NOT a fun experience!!!!

Marketing "It's More Fun in the Philippines" while the Philippines suffers from poor peace and order is definitely NOT credible.  During the Rolando Mendoza Incident, it was a huge blow on tourism especially when an idiot of a president, Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino refused to apologize to Hong Kong government.  Later, he even avoided them like a plague and blacklisted them.  Certainly, it's a lack of accountability.

Why was the Rolando Mendoza incident a HUGE BLOW ON TOURISM FOR SOME TIME?  One couple who entered the Philippines years ago when it was more fun than today wanted to revisit the tourist sites they visited when they were younger.  However their honeymoon was ruined thanks to the following instances.  A corrupt cop gone worse, poor handling of cops and being hostage.  Whether or not the sticker "It's More Fun in the Philippines" was there is not important, what is important is we know that being hostage is NEVER more fun in the Philippines nor anywhere else around the world.

Being hostage was already bad enough.  I would probably go crazy if I were among the Chinese tourists.  Just think, you have a mad gunman who might shoot you anytime.  At least eight died and what would be your happy vacation in the Philippines was ruined by this madman.  Plus, the so-called "human rights" movement has ignored that in military practice, sometimes you have to shoot down someone to save the hostages.  Never mind about saving the criminal, HE'S KILLING THE HOSTAGES YOU IDIOT!

Sometimes I even think what could have happened with the survivors.  I just hope that the Department of Tourism idiots.  I may even think that Philippine Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez's idiocy is obvious when he says, "What differentiates the Philippines from other offerings is the Filipino.  Wherever you go in the Philippines, the Filipinos will make your experience unforgettable."  Epic facepalm.  Just think... there is NOTHING different about a Filipino hostage taker from EVERY hostage taker around the world.  And I guess even somebody instead of consoling the hostage survivors might have said to them, "Being hostage, it's more fun in in the Philippines."  Yes it was unforgettable but NOT in a good way!

If tourism increase should happen, THINK OF PUBLIC SAFETY.  In Philippine tourism, why do more tourists choose Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo and Bacolod more than Manila?  The answer is obvious... better safety and cleanliness.  Peace and order is also a very important aspect of a country you cannot ignore if you want tourism to increase.  Just think would you go to Iraq just because somebody wrote, "It's More Fun in Iraq" as a tourism campaign?