Lugaw Committee Head Leni Robredo Can Still Be Unseated Even If She's The Real Vice President

Let's just assume that Leni Robredo is the real vice president. I'm already it finding hard to listen to her because she's got that mukhang walang kasing kapal. The PNP is right to say "Where's the proof the operation palit ulo?" to the Lugaw Queen. Here's the reality that she must face. Just because she's the recognized vice president (IF EVER) doesn't mean that she can't be unseated.

What charges can unseat Leni right now? She's already abusing her rights to free speech. Just because democracy gives one the right to free speech doesn't mean it should be misused and abused. Too much of anything you need can kill you. You want a hot meal but you definitely don't want to eat your meal when it's blazing hot. You want to drink clean water but too much of it can suffocate you. Philippine democracy is another example of misused democracy. There's a fine line between free speech and and sedition. Free speech was given so people can give their opinions on how things should be done but it was never given so you have the right to badmouth anyone and get away with it. It's like how you have the right to defend yourself but never the right to hurt anyone if you weren't in any physical danger.

This is the video that Leni Gaga has used. She's playing the victim card again. It's a shame how the Liberal Party ended up serving its own selfish interests than national interests. I guess that's why Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. and Senator Panfilo Lacson Sr. left the same party. I guess both Aguirre and Lacson said enough is enough. She's also making assumptions like "Palit Ulo" or whatever assumptions she has. She could have put aside her party's interests like repealing 60/40, implementing decentralization and suggesting other ways to end the drug menace rather than what she's doing right now.

With this in mind, are Leni's voters now doing the same thing that they did to Dilemma? Please don't mention democracy. They wanted democracy. They got it. They got democracy working against them because in democracy, the same voters who supported a politician have every right to turn against that same person. Whether or not she's a fake vice president may not be the real issue compared to her bad performance. She doesn't have to be a fake vice president to be unseated.


  1. We want authoritarianism and nondemocracy like that in china.


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