The Pasig City Demolition Incident Today Proves Squatters Are No Laughing Matter!

Whenever I hear a report similar to what happened today in Pasig - I am amazed at how the squatters are still as violent and arrogant as ever. Even the word informal settler is not bad enough, they are squatting over a property that is not theirs. Some people say that I am a Communist or Nazi whenever I say that squatters are human rights violators because they have a warped view of democracy. The Pasig incident today injured 23 people (a mixture of cops and demolition crew members).

The squatters have their own weapons which had bottles of acid, bags of human waste (PUKE) and stones thrown by residents. I would say that the demolition crew did come unprepared because when it comes to dealing with slum people, they are a very violent group. The fact they resort to using their crude weaponry proves that they are a bunch of uncivilized idiots. Worse, they may have the Commission on Human Rights to jump to their defense because CHR really means Criminals Have Rights in a stupid welfare state. I am afraid that sooner or later, any plans to continue the demolition will just all be in vain.

Some people who play the victim card and appeal to the victim card can tell me, "You can't do anything if they were born squatters. Think about the children!" Yes I am thinking about the children - if they keep growing up in the squatter environment, they multiply like rabbits and continue the same stupidity. Meanwhile, people who work hard to either rent a space or buy a space are always interrupted by these annoying freeloaders. If children are taught squatting is okay the same problem and stupidity goes on and on. This has caused a lot of improper garbage disposal and high crime rates. The squatters are a real problem for any foreign investment which gives the Philippines more hope for more real progress.

Tolerating squatters is this a system where you reward the lazy and you punish the diligent. People work hard to either buy a lot or to rent a lot. People work hard to pay the land tax or to pay rent. However the squatters do neither work hard for that land - they just settle there and they claim residency and in short, free-loaders. They do stuff like stealing water and electricity which forces the people who work for it to pay more than they are using. I would want to believe that the squatters of today's incident in Pasig want to keep having their freeloading because they are too lazy to work. When you tolerate squatters, you promote laziness because whether you work or you don't work... you end up having the right to steal your neighbor's electricity and water.


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