Can You Imagine Living Life Under The Marbobo-Trollanes Administration?

I remembered writing a post that said that having Marbobo Roxas and Antonio Trollanes as president and vice president may mean the end of the Philippines. Right now, I'd assume that maybe Leni Loud Robredo is the lesser of two evils between her and Trollanes. Now it's time to imagine Marbobo and Trollanes on what could have happened if they became the president and vice president of the Philippines.

Inauguration of both Marbobo and Trillanes may end up appearing in the Guineas World Book of Records and a future episode of Ripley's Believe It or Not

Let's imagine the inauguration of both Liberal Party's Marbobo and I'm Not a Democrat I'm Nacionalista's Trollanes. It would probably be a pageantry of stupidity. You might see a lot of stupidity in the parade, the funniest inauguration speech and oath taking that the two would do. It may end up with them bungling their own inauguration.

Stupid censorship of the TV in the name of "nationalism" is possible

You can say goodbye to K-Drama, J-Drama, C-Drama because all you're going to see day in and day out will be teleseryes non-stop. They would get rid of anything that's too hard for their intellect to digest. You can imagine that they will sure all TV stations will just air stupid teleseryes day in and day out. They may even want to turn Sky Cable owned by ABiaS-CBN as the only cable TV provider and channels that show K-Drama, J-Drama, C-Drama will be banned and removed. They may even want a new channel that shows nothing but stupid teleseryes. Should we mention that they might make it mandatory that everyone should watch teleseryes too?

Installing of more corrupt and/or incompetent people into various government positions

As the Noynoying Administration ends then the Dumb and Dumber administration begins. You can think of their possible appointees. You may end up having Agot Isidro as the new DSWD secretary, Kris Aquino as the new Bureau of Customs secretary and ACT lawyer Antonio Tinio to replace Leila Dilemma as the Justice Secretary. This would be just the beginning of more incompetence as they appoint people based on those who are just like them or even worse. Hmmm I wonder who they would hire to replace Kill Henares? They might end up overtaxing the Philippines by raising up the ceiling from 32% to 50% or even higher as a result.

Philippine economy may be run drier because both the president and vice president will steal a lot from the public funds

The recent hearings on Trollanes' foreign accounts is giving hints that he's indeed guilty of graft and corruption. We should also never forget the Yolanda fund scam courtesy of Marbobo and Stinky Soliman. This would have both Marbobo and Trillanes borrow money even from illicit sources to fund their nonsense. This would be a serious crash on the Philippines' economy as national debt would skyrocket beyond control. Maybe in a short amount of time the Philippines will become the poorest nation in Asia thanks to those two. The two will become richer while the rest of the Philippines will become poorer.

The abolition of the Public Attorney's Office may be a possibility

We could consider how Atty. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta may criticize them both for their performance and misuse and abuse of the law. Both of them would favor Cheato Gascon who would work on their favor. The Public Attorney's Office may be declared dissolved because Atty. Acosta is slamming them for their poor performance.

The Philippine Military would probably be good as useless

Marbobo always has his famous line "Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo." or "I don't care, you're on your own." as a rough translation. It's possible that with the Matae terrorists in Marawi will end up destroying the city. It's possible that Marbobo may send Trollanes to supervise and head military operations. If Marbobo ever decides to declare martial law he may even misuse or abuse his power. Two, Trollanes having led one of the shortest coups ever may even create the death of Fallen 550 or more soldiers. The Philippine Army may even be destroyed as a result of their poor leadership.

More delinquent foreigners will be welcome with legal but unethical protection from the administration

Have you ever thought that the Philippines is sadly a waste dump for delinquent foreigners? You can start with illegal Chinese entering the Philippines. The reason why illegal Chinese hide in the Philippines is because if they do their businesses in China they are guaranteed to be in the chopping board of the law. But I don't think it'll stop with just illegal Chinese. Maybe, we'll have Amos Yee move to the Philippines and they'll hire him to promote their stupidity. As a result, more and more cases of Filipinos getting executed for drug related offences will increase no thanks to them. This in turn will give them the power to turn the country into the Narco-Republic of the Philippines.

Failed negotiations for ceasefire from China may end up destroying the Philippines along with its neighboring countries

It's highly possible that these two just don't know how to handle an angry firebreathing dragon do they? If ever China launches its massive army which isn't as defective as you think then you can say goodbye Philippines. But I doubt it the Philippines will be the only country that will be destroyed. It may end up with Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan as among the other neighboring countries that will be destroyed as a result of both Marbobo and Trillanes' stupidity.


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