Charge Stinky Soliman With Human Rights Violations ASAP

Stinky Soliman now joins the day of "mourning" for the death of democracy near her beloved master Nobita Aquino. It's stupid to keep saying #NeverAgain to the Marcos dictatorship victims when we forget about how Stinky mishandled her job as the DSWD Secretary. The Commission of Human Rights ends up doing selective justice by neglecting the human rights of Yolanda victims who were mistreated by both Stinky and Marbobo Roxas. Don't tell me that Stinky didn't violate any human rights because she wasn't a police or a soldier? She violated their right to life to where she should be criminally charged and prosecuted for that. Yet she may be enjoying the benefits of having Cheato Gascon as CHR Secretary.

It's no surprise that she shows up in the scenes to cry for the death of "democracy". It's obvious she doesn't want to end up like the late Zheng Xiaoyu. The whole Chinese melamine scandal last 2008 was a crime worthy of death. The Chinese government did the right thing by actually executing Zheng himself together with all drug dealers found in their country. China itself has been executing both drug dealers and corrupt officials when they're found guilty. That's why you can't blame China for bringing in the fake food products and drugs. Should we taken note that PHP 6.4 billion worth of shabu couldn't have been seized without any tip from the Chinese government?

Not to mention, Stinky's crimes may not only limit to the Yolanda funds scandal. She may also be guilty of protecting Chinese fake food producers and drug dealers. Maybe the goods she wanted to donate to the Yolanda victims included fake food products. If she's also protecting illegal Chinese who are guilty of making fake food and illegal drugs then the more she's violated the right to life. It's probably more than time to get her convicted as a criminal. If possible, make her face the chopping board like what happened to Zheng in China during the Chinese melamine scandal.