#ABiaS-CBN's Recent Revision Also Proves They're Not Credible To #FightFakenews And #FightDisinformation

You can think of how ABiaS-CBN is at it again. So how can the Dilawans or better yet the merged opposition called #TindigPilipinas be a credible fighter of #fakenews when they are doing the same? This is the recent fake news that was manipulated by ABiaS-CBN News Network has spread its latest fake news with a FAKE PHOTO. I don't know when this picture was taken but it was most likely done during Cheato Gascon's sham raid on overcrowded cells. Yet the real picture has it that President Duterte has seen the jails as they should be without overcrowding criminals.

This just in it can be shown how Gascon doesn't care about your rights unless you can pay him up. I thought about the past incidents involving abusive policemen and guess who was doing the job he's supposed to do? It was Atty. Persida Rueda V. Acosta who did the job Gascon should have been doing. Shouldn't Gascon have done the functions he claims to do that is to investigate the misdeeds of abusive policemen? Instead, he's using it to "prove" his unsubstantiated claims that he has about President Duterte as a mad man and a monster. Gascon's selective justice during ASEAN should be ground enough to get him fired from the Commission of Human Rights. What he was doing is not defending human rights but using human rights as a front for the Liberal Party's agenda. Right now, CHR can be viewed as an organization that should be cleaned up of any traces of #TindigPilipinas.

ABiaS-CBN probably still thinks that they could continue to fool the public with their sensationalism. Yet there's already more than one source to defeat their half-truths. You can see how ABiaS-CBN continues to discredit President Rodrigo R. Duterte. Need they be reminded that there's a big difference between being critical of President Duterte and inciting sedition? It's okay not to like President Duterte but one should think of the pros and cons of his administration. I think there are still better presidents than him and Duterte supporters need to give him constructive criticism whenever he's wrong.

The most recent revision should show that their claim of being for the Filipino isn't true. What the TV network is doing is simply to serve PNoy Pridists instead of the Filipino people. The allegiance of ABiaS-CBN is to the PNoypines and not the Philippines. At this point, ABiaS-CBN should be tried for inciting sedition among the Filipino people as well as other crimes for misusing and abusing their right to free speech.


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