How Can PNoys Claim To Fight #FakeNews While PNoy Pride Media Is Also Guilty Of Spreading It?

Thanks to Rigoberto D. Tiglao and VOVph for providing this material

It's time to consider what name we should give the Philippine Daily Inquirer a new name. We might as well call it the PNoypine Daily Non-Inquirer. Tiglao of the Manila Times points out the problem of the Non-Inquirer yet again. The oligarch media has been known to create fake news for many years which gave the PNoys a stronghold in the Philippines. They publish it as real news, they claim to fight fake news but they're actually spreading it at the same time. Just by looking at the people who are part of this "international group" one could consider that Thomas O. Melia DOES NOT represent the whole US AID. Rep. Tom Villarin who once said that the Palace "fears" Agnes Callamard and he's part of Akbayan. Should people be reminded that Callamard the U.N. Shabuteur doesn't represent the whole organization either?

Here's the latest from Crappler which should be very interesting. Cecilia Lero was also known to have posted with the tag line "Drug User Ako Patayin Mo Ba Ako #BreakTheStigma" which for non-Tagalog speakers, it means, "I'm a drug user, will you kill me #breakthestigma". She openly admitted to joining the protest last September 21, 2017 with that placard. This starts to raise the question from the PNoy Pride camp - why in the world would they want Paolo Duterte sacked for the alleged shabu shipment all the while they support media that endorses dangerous drugs like shabu or even appeal to Callamard as a valid authority? If shabu doesn't cause mental harm or acts of violence as Callamard says then what's the use of wanting to get rid of Paolo based on an alleged shabu shipment from Chian? Why even get mad at China's government for supposedly exporting drugs around the world instead of thanking it? That alone puts Agot Isidro's statement into question.  

Speaking of the participation of the "international community" may I also raise this issue. I'm led to believe that these people will join you but you've got to pay a hefty fee. I think it's possible that related groups pay these guys to assist them, to make Filipinos believe that they have the support of foreigners just to get their sinking credibility to float. It's possible that the decreasing number of rallyists and attendants happens because they're running out of money. Cheato Gascon invited Callamard over to the Philippines paying for her accommodation in a five star hotel which would have cost a lot of money. We don't know how much Callamard charges people just to make an appearance and speak her nonsense. I guess the same goes for Professor Carl Hart from Columbia University. I doubt it these guys do it for free or for such a small fee.

Besides, one should think about the reality of fake news. The number one spreaders want you to believe that they are the only people who are credible. It's as stupid as the claim of protectionist lovers that if you study history you'll see first world countries emerged through the use of national self-industrialization and not through foreign investments. They're telling people that fake news is fake news unless it comes from their side with the likes of Antonio Trollanes. Also, Bum Aquino failed to use credible sources to define fake news during the Senate hearing. Would have Bum defined fake news from a more valid source such as that he attended a forum about it than he would have had more ground. He failed to define it when he refused to fake news from opinion blogs and satirical news. So much for his academic achievements and awards then. He ended up using a fake news endorser as a source which further sinks the credibility of the PNoy Pride media. 


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