The Loyalty Of The Filipino Should Be Towards The Philippines And NOT The Empire Of Aquino

The word Filipino is derived from Filipinas (or Philippines). The country's name is not Aquinopines, PNoy-Pines and the loyalty of every Filipino should be towards the Philippines and NOT the Empire of Aquino. It's a problem today that when Filipinos are asked about their history they may speak more of how "great" the Aquinos were rather than know about the history of the Philippines. It has created the mindset of "Basta Aquino, tama siya." mentality. The whole mindset has shifted the loyalty of the Filipino from fighting for a better Philippines to fighting to maintain the Empire of Aquino which we may call as the Aquino Political Dynasty.

It's time to get serious about where the loyalty of the Filipino people should belong to as there are still some remnants of the Empire of Aquino. They're upset that Mar lost so they wish President Duterte will be out so another Yellow Party member can be president. The symbol of the Philippines is the Philippine flag not the Yellow Ribbon. The Philippines is a republic not an imperial state. Sad to say the Philippines is run more like an empire than a real republic. During the past several years after EDSA, I believe some some Filipinos even feel that they can't be considered Filipino unless their loyalty is towards the Empire of Aquino. If some of them happen to be anti-Chinese idiots who hate Filipino-Chinese or Pinoy racists then let me inform them: the Empire of Aquino is ran by mostly Filipino-Chinese oligarchs who exploit the country. Need I mention that it's also the fault of the Empire of Aquino to why Chinese drug dealers love the Philippines?

Why are the Monsods and Robleses so vocal against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's plan to dismantle Tagalog imperialism? It's because it would mean the Aquinos would lose their grip. Last term, some people still believe that former president Noynoy Aquino was the best president ever. Best president? Please, Noynoy was just enjoying the spillover as he continued some of the economic policies of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who he keeps blaming for his mistakes. The whole plan to continue the Empire of Aquino under Mar Roxas to become the next president was a huge joke. What's there to thank Noynoy about with his regime plagued by poor services? I really wish he wasn't obviously joking when he said he'd allow himself to be run over by a train.

Where's Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Imorales' allegiance anyway? Is it to the Philippines or to the Empire of Aquino? As much as PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa should have not accepted Senator Manny Pacquiao's all-expense paid trip but why is she just targeting that one? What about the probes to investigate all the allegations against Leila Dilemma? That should be fishy considering that if Dilemma is really innocent then she should allow herself to be investigated or she should be investigated to prove it. But no, it looks like Ombudsman Immorales herself is just after the welfare of the Empire of Aquino.

It's time to think... Filipinos are called Filipinos just like why Americans are called Americans. Their loyalty (though this is not a call to be an ultranationalist) is towards their country. It's amazing how some Americans have their loyalty towards the Democrats rather than towards America. Likewise, some Filipinos have their loyalty towards the Liberal Party of the Empire of Aquino rather than the Philippines. They'll do anything to block the truth through hearsay. Isn't that what the Empire of Aquino has been doing for years? No, being an Aquino supporter has NOTHING to do with one's Pinoy identity. Being Pinoy is just inborn but being a blind follower of the Empire of Aquino is a choice. 


  1. If the loyality of the Filipinos would be towards with Marcoses/conservatives/Nazis not aquino or liberal democracy?


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