CHR Chairman Cheato Gascon Shows His Love For Selective Justice During The ASEAN Summit Of 2017

It can't be denied that the Commission on Human Rights is pretty selective with its justice. I can't forget how much that Etta Rosales gets on my nerves and to an extension, Leila Dilemma who used to occupy the post of CHR Chairperson during Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's reign. It's time to talk about Chito ahem Cheato Gascon's hypocrisy. 

So what's Gascon's move? He can go ahead and play innocent but anyone with a brain has the right to be suspicious. Here's a clip of Erwin Tulfo revealing something about Gascon. Gascon already knew ahead of time the secret detention cells. There is nothing wrong with investigating these human rights violations but CHR is known to be very selective. This is really an obvious move to shame the Duterte administration, to gain sympathy from meddlers like Amnesty International and the International Criminal Court. Gascon is trying to shame President Duterte in the face of the international community which explains why he's delaying the investigation.

If he already knew about it he should have done it ASAP. Instead, why did he wait until the foreign visitors will arrive? This publicity stunt is another attempt to win the case since they're losing their case in the Philippines. I guess he's trying what I'd call CHR's promotion of a culture of impunity because all CHR has been doing has been prioritizing criminal rights over the rights of law-abiding citizens. This is in direct contrast to why Singapore has better peace and order. Countries better than the Philippines decide to defend the rights of law abiding citizens first over criminals. Criminals do have the right not to get punished beyond their offense but law-abiding citizens must come first.

This is where Gascon as a lawyer falls flat. I may be no lawyer and I'm no political analyst but it doesn't take one to be either to know what CHR is doing is selective justice. If you know something fishy is going on then have it investigated immediately. Instead he decided to wait until ASEAN. Just because one is a lawyer isn't anything to be impressed about until the person show's competence. It's just like story of the Scholar and the Lion. Three foolish scholars didn't use their common sense and ended up getting eaten by the lion they brought back to life. Just because you have a masteral degree or even a doctoral degree doesn't mean you're not an idiot. After all, isn't Gascon a law school graduate and there are also many lawyers out there who turn out to be incompetent? 


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