It's Good For Filipinos That They Don't Have Any Fabricated Movie/s Based On The Three Drug Mules

Since today is "Three Drug Mules Day", I thought of what if a movie based on any of the three drug mules, one movie for each drug mule or a movie based on the three drug mules. Ramon Credo and Sally Ordinario Villanueva were executed in Xiamen while Elizabeth Batain was executed in Shenzhen. Now I'd like to imagine what if a movie or movies based on them were made.

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I could think about the possible title of the movies would be "The Ramon Credo Story", "The Sally Ordinario Villanueva Story", "The Elizabeth Batain Story", "Two Filipinos Unjustly Executed in Xiamen" or "Innocent Pinay Executed in Shenzhen" for a few possible titles. I think that maybe Joel Lamangan and Viva Films will probably direct any of these B.S. films that will fabricate the truth like the Flor Contemplacion story. It would be full of lies as if the makers of the film knew what happened in Xiamen and Shenzhen when they were arrested and sentenced to be executed.

The beginning of the films may contain clips from the movie "The Flor Contemplacion Story" or any film that twists the truth about what really happened in Singapore. We may get more victim card mentality played into the minds of the viewers. This in turn will give any gullible Filipino more biased media sources to use as "evidence" over real documentaries. The films will probably try to exaggerate whatever happened with a series of lies. We may even get to see fabricated scenes like Chinese authorities using the water treatment and electric shock on any of the three drug mules. We may get scenes of Chinese government officials sending drugs to the Philippines and planning to execute Filipinos through the drug trade. Maybe, some of their children will play as themselves in the film/s just like Flor Contemplacion's twin sons who are still in jail.

The strife between the Philippines and China would probably go worse if these films were made. Not that I condone to China's status as a bully state but making the films is just as wrong. One might imagine it if the film/s got played near a Chinese embassy as an act of protest. They would probably still have the films replayed over and over in Cinema One, ABiaS-CBN, Studio 23 or any of the oligarch-supportive networks to "educate" the Filipino youth with the victim card mentality. These films would probably encourage more and more Filipinos to act like as if they're the only victims of China's bullying.

I'm glad none of these films I've imagined existed. I hope they don't have to exist. It's the responsibility of every Filipino who doesn't believe in a culture of impunity to speak the truth against these films and the scum that Migraine International really is. This is a battle to dismantle the stereotypical image of impunity-loving Filipinos and replace it with the symbol of the Filipino who practices accountability.