Filipinos Should Stop Acting Like They're The Only Victims Of China's Current Bullying!

This is how I feel about the Philippines' exaggerating its case with China

Just because I am Chinese by blood doesn't mean that I condone to the stupidity of what China is doing. If China's sponsorship did some biases against the Philippines or purposely sabotaged the electric car, then really, shame on them. Now here's an issue that I need to raise and I believe this needs to be raised... FILIPINOS SHOULD STOP ACTING LIKE THEY'RE THE ONLY VICTIMS OF CHINA'S CURRENT BULLYING.

Looking at what China is doing right now, remember the Philippines is not the only nation that's a victim of the bullying. Other nations that China that have gotten into a feud with China's spurious land reclamation projects (based on fictitious claims) are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam to name a few. I am afraid that the Philippines' current situation is sensationalized as if they are more special than the other countries. As said, Filipinos are not the most oppressed race on Earth, what gives them that idea?
In the current feud against China, one must analyze the situation. When it comes to the dispute between China and the Philippines over Spratlys, it has NOTHING to do with Filipino-Chinese, the death of the three drug mules, Chinese food scandals (which their government DOES NOT condone) and whatever events that are happening in China. Filipinos need to ask themselves how would they feel if they were accused of trying to poison the world if a Filipino food scandal broke out? In fact, I believe that there are a good amount of Chinese who are even fed up with their government's tyranny and long for a China liberated from government tyranny that has harmed its citizens.

Remember Pinoy Pride will not help the Philippines in the case of a war against China. The country needs stronger allies like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam to defend each other's sovereignty and remember, the Philippines is not the only victim.