Are The Yellowtards Bragging That The International Community Supposedly Sympathizes With Them?

I wrote the Jover Laurio series would be over as I've written Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I've also written on the Maria Ressa series which has Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 of the Ressa series discusses on her hypocrisy of appealing to the international community because she has lost her relevance in the Filipino community.

From Get Real Philippines, here's something very interesting about the Philippine Daily Inquirer or should I call it the PNoypine Daily Impunity:

The opposition has become so desperate that they have resorted to using foreigners to make their claim “legitimate”. But their tactic was exposed by the European Union itself.

They think most Filipinos would be gullible enough to think that the sight of white folks protesting against Duterte would be enough to trigger mass hysteria. It is quite ironic that Akbayan would use foreigners to advance their causes. Aren’t they supposed to be espousing nationalistic causes? Perhaps they’ll use anyone or anything as long as it favours their agenda. Members of the mainstream media allied with the Opposition jumped on the story straight away. The Philippine Daily Inquirer even featured the visit as a top headline on its 10th October edition.

The Inquirer wrote “MalacaƱang had no immediate comment on the EU mission’s statements” at the end of their write-up. Either they purposely wanted to make people believe that these foreigners were members of the European Union or they didn’t bother checking if they were EU representatives as their profession requires them to. Either way, this is more proof that mainstream media, particularly the Inquirer, cannot be trusted to give accurate information.

If Filipinos themselves can't even be experts of the Philippines and they're in the Philippines then what makes any high and mighty minded foreigner think that he or she is an expert of every country they haven't stayed in for a very long time? I have ranted a couple of times about Americans who believe they're experts of the Philippines. They just had a short vacation somewhere in the Philippines, had a Filipino girlfriend and they think they already know the Philippines when they don't. But it's not limited to the United States. The same can go for the European Union where members tend to act like they're experts of the world. 

We could also talk about the British Broadcasting Network because oh I'd love to bring up Antonio Trillanes IV's interview. Since Trillanes could no longer bring Filipinos to believe him then why not have an interview with Stephen Sackur? Unfortunately for him, Sackur grilled his sorry ass. I remembered heated conversation between Sass Rogando Sasot, Mocha Uson and a BBC reporter. It should be startling how Laurio who was a small-time blogger suddenly got her big spot on BBC. This is quite unfair to think how Trillanes (who belongs to Nacionalista Party) was grilled all the while staunch Liberal Party supporter Laurio got her spotlight. That should be enough reason why Sasot got so angry. Why did BBC only hear one side of the story from Laurio? I really wished that Laurio had her interview with Sackur so she could get grilled like what happened ton Trillanes.

It's time ask where did these "experts" get their information to start with? I guess they only got it from the distorted mainstream media. It's just like how Filipinos themselves may have been misled by tabloid news from other countries at some point in their life. CRappler had a huge share of popularity. ABS-CBN had dominated the airwaves for some time. The Inquirer was one of the biggest newspaper companies. We may be in the digital age but it doesn't replace old-fashioned you have to be there to really know firsthand of what's really going on. Those "experts" need to visit the Philippines and hear every side of the story before they jump into conclusions. That's why Filipinos can no longer afford to remain uninterested in politics and current events. Instead, they should do whatever they can to let the "experts" know the truth. 

On the other hand, these "experts" don't give their services cheap either. Do you think that the so-called EU delegates had their services cheap? Do you think those foreign media just let Laurio land in for free to get her spotlight? No, there had to be a huge fee in exchange for such services. Agnes Callamard and Carl Hart never came to the Philippines for free. With every time a Dilawan appears on liberal media there's a huge fee involved. I can't imagine how much money was out of their bank accounts every time they tried to buy the sympathy of the foreign market. Is it me or is the amount of activists getting lesser and lesser because they're all running out of money from paying foreign media? The irony is that the Dilawans who are exploiting Filipinos are also exploited by said foreign media. What goes around, comes around doesn't it?