Should We Rename The Philippine Daily Inquirer To PNoypine Daily Impunity?

Philippine Daily Inquirer has been guilty of spreading half-truths throughout the years. PNoys have been fooling Filipinos with muddled truths through the use of the Yellow Media. While I once called it as Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer but it's time to give it a different name while retaining its initials as PDI. I would call it as PNoypine Daily Impunity for this reason. They claim to be pro-Pinoy or pro-Filipino but they are pro-PNoy. Their allegiance is to the fictitious nation (and maybe it'll be born in some uncharted island) called the PNoypines. The reason why I use PNoy as a slang against the Yellowtard was because of that typographical error that said PNoy was beheaded in Saudi for murder. That typographical error alone made me think that Pinoy can be a neutral term while PNoy can be used to describe Pinoys or Filipinos whose allegiance is to the Liberal Party than the Philippines.

So what's with the PDI? It's time to think of the number of years it enjoyed the right to impunity in the media. It's no different than its fellow Yellowtard media ABiaS-CBN. ABiaS-CBN has also enjoyed its right to impunity as it promotes a culture of dysfunction. Both of them would antagonize just anyone who doesn't agree with them. While they may claim to fight for a healthy democracy but in reality they're already a dictatorship. In a democracy every side of the fence is heard and allowed to speak out. But what PDI and ABiaS-CBN is doing is being one sided. Do you remember the time when Jim Paredes' side of the story was the only one allowed to show? Democracy demands that both sides must be heard first. Besides, wasn't Paredes being a dictator himself at EDSA where he acted like as if he owned the place when he doesn't?

While it was wrong for President Duterte to cuss at the European Union but it's time to think about it. PDI had him fooled and it had many Filipinos fooled for some time. I don't blame how even decent Filipinos get fooled. They've just woken up from their delusions sent by the Yellow Media. What should be interesting is that Get Real Philippines featured Rigoberto Tiglao's statement which I can agree with it. What's so shocking (or not) is that the PDI photo doesn't represent their countries. Instead, they are small time but noisy Non Government Organizations from their own respective countries. The PDI and NOT President Duterte or Alan Peter Cayetano is the one making the Philippines a laughing stock in foreign relations. From the same article, I thought this is a very interesting statement made by Ilda:

They think most Filipinos would be gullible enough to think that the sight of white folks protesting against Duterte would be enough to trigger mass hysteria. It is quite ironic that Akbayan would use foreigners to advance their causes. Aren’t they supposed to be espousing nationalistic causes? Perhaps they’ll use anyone or anything as long as it favours their agenda. Members of the mainstream media allied with the Opposition jumped on the story straight away. The Philippine Daily Inquirer even featured the visit as a top headline on its 10th October edition.

The Inquirer wrote “MalacaƱang had no immediate comment on the EU mission’s statements” at the end of their write-up. Either they purposely wanted to make people believe that these foreigners were members of the European Union or they didn’t bother checking if they were EU representatives as their profession requires them to. Either way, this is more proof that mainstream media, particularly the Inquirer, cannot be trusted to give accurate information.

The Inquirer has not issued a correction despite the EU issuing a statement that these so-called foreign delegates do not represent the sentiments of the EU. They simply moved on as if they were not party to the spread of false information. How can the operators of this major publication sleep at night? They do not care if their actions result in damaging the country’s relationship with the international community.

I could also agree with Ilda's statement right now that it's contradictory that Akbayan would use foreigners to advance their causes. It shouldn't be surprising that they contradict themselves. Let's just think a number of stuff that Akbayan is using that's made by foreigners. Have a rice cooker, DVD technology and a lot of digital stuff today? They've got Japan and later other countries responsible for improvising Japanese inventions to thank for that! Have the printing technology and the Internet to boast about how nationalistic they are? They've got the U.S. and other countries that improvised these stuff to thank for that. Have some Filipino food you love? You can thank a lot of foreign influences that helped innovate Filipino cooking to its greater heights. Besides, by simply using print and digital media they are already using foreign influence. If they were so nationalistic why isn't PDI written  with Alibata letters and in Baybayin? Why isn't PDI written in banana leaves or any medium used by native Filipinos?

Speaking of hiring foreigners I guess that's another reason why rallyists working for the PNoypines are getting fewer and fewer. It's safe to assume that these foreigners they hire don't come cheap. You can think of how paying foreigners comes with a high price which every time they hire one head it costs a lot. It could already end up leading to to where the PNoypines is already running out of money for rallyists and trolls. Just the fact that Shabuteur Agnes Callamard and Dinuktor Carl Hart came in may have come with a huge price. It's possible that Callamard and Hart didn't only get their talent fees but their boarding and lodging in five star hotels were paid for. After all, you must pay your guest as part of business ethics right?

Right now, I think PDI has a lot of grounds for it to be criminally charged. If possible have it shut down for good to save the Philippines. The reason behind it is that it should be a criminal offense to misinform the public. How can they claim to fight disinformation when in fact they're doing it themselves? If it's true that PDI and Dunkin' Donuts was sheltered by Kill Jacinto Henares then they deserve to have their I in PDI changed from Inquirer to Impunity.


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