What If The Philippines Lost Its Arbitration Case Against China?

It's good news for all the people in the Philippines in total as well as the rest of the countries that got affected by President Xi Jin Ping's unethical territorial expansion. It's never been good for any country to bully another. While China in the past has had been focused on Deng Xiao Ping's vision of anti-imperialism, today the time to carry out his vision that should China become a bully then the world should rise against it. That's what the Philippines did with other countries like Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea to name a few of the dragon's enemies.

I'd like to assume on a what if the Philippines lost the arbitration case against China. Before that, let me talk about those idiotic Chinese netizens who just shamed every decent Chinese around. After China's loss (and that loss was really needed before that country becomes a bigger worldwide bully), they smashed their i-Phones and boycotted Philippine mangoes. It was a waste of good mangoes and bananas that could have been used for restaurants and donation for victims of calamity. What did bananas and mangoes from the Philippines ever do to them? A lot of starving people in China and credible Chinese chefs could have benefited from them! All those mangoes and bananas could have also been used to serve Chinese shaved ice to tourists. I hope sensible fellow Chinese back in their country are more than mad at their misbehavior.

In the scenario that if the Philippines lost and China won, I think we're going to get more or less the same idiocy that some Chinese netizens did. We might see a lot of idiotic Filipinos get all their Made in China products which aren't necessarily Chinese products. Like expect them to bring out anything that's made in China (even if the brand was obviously not Chinese) to be thrown on the streets. If idiotic Chinese broke their expensive i-Phones (OUCH) because they got mad then I think idiotic Filipinos would probably do the same. I guess idiotic Filipinos would throw away good lychee and other fruits from China which could have benefited a lot of starving Filipinos and Filipino chefs! All that lychee could have also been used to make fruit salad and halo halo. Then of course, sensible Filipinos will go ahead and display rightful anger and apologize for such stupidity to Chinese friends for the idiocy their countrymen did.

Annoying ultranationalist Chinese netizens and ultranationalist Filipinos need to realize is that their ultranationalism goes nowhere but trouble. Their stupid ultranationalism is really one of the biggest reasons why this fight even took place. If Xi Jin Ping just dropped his plans for conquest, I don't think this fight would have taken place between China and the other nations at the cost of every decent Chinese around. Also, ultranationalist Filipinos blaming all of China and throwing their anger at Filipino-Chinese isn't helping either. Like take it to the international court all they want all Filipino-Chinese will still be considered as Filipino or Pinoy. Both sides are to blame and I refuse to side with each other one of them. Both sides are just as childish as each other and don't deserve any respect.