If Marbobo Roxas Dies Anytime Will You Vote For Korina Into Power?

I remembered asking the question on whether or not Filipinos will vote for Marbobo Roxas if Korina Sanchez-Roxas died during the 2016 presidential elections. It's time to turn it around because of the problem of grieving widows. What's with the obsession with grieving widows anyway? From an inexperienced housewife to Leni Loud so what's next? Let's assume that Marbobo will die anytime between this year up to 2022. Let's just assume that he died of sickness or drug overdose. Maybe, just maybe LP will make Korina their next grieving widow.

Do you remember the time Maalala Mo Kaya (Do You Remember) aired the story of Jesse Robredo? If Marbobo dies then I think Korina will get her turn. Maybe ABiaS-CBN will air the Manuel A. Roxas story and make it look like he was a hero. If he died from substance abuse maybe they'll make up a story that either President Duterte or Bongbong Marcos "assassinated" him. They may make Korina appear like Leni Loud to feature the story. 

If Marbobo dies before 2019 then maybe we'll get the typical scene where Korina in the MMK episode will say, "I will continue what my husband is fighting for." They may even feature the comic book "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" all over again in a political campaign. Maybe Leni Loud will back Korina back up as she runs for Senator to continue the "brilliant legacy" of her late husband. Maybe, she would even run for president with a banner "From Cory To Leni To Korina" where images of Ninoy, Jesse and Marbobo would be used in her campaign.

What do you think of this hypothetical scenario? 


  1. She can die anytime with Mar.


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