If Korina Sanchez-Roxas Dies Before The Elections, Will You Vote For Mar As President?

I gave room for thought on the issue of Leni Robredo's campaign might be nothing more on "Paawa Na Naman" or the call for a sympathy vote. The whole cycle is really that stupid with some examples in the past. Ninoy dies then Cory became president. Cory dies and Nobita becomes president. This gave me the thought that since necropolitics does keep the Liberal Party alive (and other parties for that matter like Fernando Poe Jr.'s death way back in 2004 which might be used in be an attempt to secure Grace Poe Llamanzares' vote) so what if Korina Sanchez-Roxas dies all of a sudden then will you vote for Mar as president?

Mar really had done a lot of stupid publicity stunts in an effort to win the election. Fortunately, he didn't crucify himself during Good Friday of this year otherwise the Philippines will really sink into another level of stupid. Considering that it's just a few days before May 9, 2016 then maybe it's time to ask this question, "Will you vote for Mar Roxas if Korina Sanchez-Roxas should die before the presidential election?" In my case if ever that kind of event happens then my answer is still no. Mar's really nothing more than a bad joke of a candidate in the first place.


  1. Much better if they both die at the same time....... >:3


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